Sensing vs thinking and their consequences

This article focuses on the difference between sensing rather than thinking about or understanding messages in our lives. What difference does it make if we meet a person and sense … Continue Reading →

Non-verbal language

What our non-verbal language is When we have conversations we all speak a non-verbal language all the time. When we express our self verbally the words are followed by an … Continue Reading →

How can emotions be handled?

When I work with people in Horse Facilitated Learning or in other contexts, I primarily use my intuition. When clients try to connect with a horse or verbally describe a … Continue Reading →


Sensitivity Although this is an English word and I am from Denmark, we also use the word ‘sensitivity’ (sensitivitet in Danish). We usually use it when talking about people who … Continue Reading →

Understand your emotions with horse communication.

Communication with horses and other animals through emotions We know that we can communicate telepathically with animals, but there is a much more detailed way to approach communication with them. … Continue Reading →

Video: Love

This is a talk about the emotion “Love”