You Are on a Mission with a Higher Purpose

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are on a mission with a higher purpose to liberate the world from a long-standing tyrannical regime. I will provide an overview here so you can assess where you are in this process.

First, you should know that we are all on our individual journeys, progressing at a pace we can manage. However, sometimes we can get lost and find ourselves stuck, jumping in place. To move forward again, it can be helpful to have an overview of what is really happening in the world.

You have likely noticed that the world has changed significantly since 2020, and you may also be sensing that nothing is going back to how it used to be. This is precisely how it should be, as we are all on a mission with the higher purpose of freeing the world from the entrenched energy structure many know as the Matrix.

I will divide this overview into three main points:

1. Knowledge

2. Consciousness

3. Energy Connectivity


This point is relatively simple to understand. It involves realizing that many people have come to understand that some entities are controlling things from behind the scenes. You might call them the cabal, the deep state, or something entirely else. Some have made significant progress in understanding how deeply the cabal’s tentacles reach—others are just beginning to question why politicians, authorities, and other power structures and individuals act so illogically. Some wonder about the weather, others about flight times or moon landings. It varies greatly which topic an individual starts questioning as they begin to wake up to how much of the general knowledge is actually fabricated lies.


As you learn these new truths and see through the many lies, it means your consciousness has expanded. However, consciousness is not just a matter of knowledge. You could say your consciousness is a capacity that has been operating under very limited conditions until now. Your soul and higher consciousness know a lot, but in daily life, you only have your day-to-day consciousness available, and as mentioned, it has been limited for all of us.

This is all part of the plan and is related to the mission we are all on. When we talk about consciousness, especially higher/deeper consciousness, we enter the topic of ‘energies’ because your consciousness is an energy construction within you. And the subject of energy is the only way to understand the real battle we are all fighting.


Knowing about the cabal, you have likely also heard of the term ‘The Matrix’. The Matrix is an energy net or structure that ensures all people are kept at a low energy frequency. You are connected to the Matrix with your energies—not with your ignorance. Yes, you need to learn more to be able to free yourself. But just knowing everything about the cabal does not mean you are energetically freed from the Matrix.

To free yourself, you need to do your inner energy work. I have written extensively about this in my books and on my website. And I will elaborate here that it fundamentally concerns your emotional energies. I will use one example in this overview.


We have lived for a long time under a patriarchal societal understanding within the Matrix, and few realize that it is actually an energy structure that keeps us in low vibrations. Not because the masculine energy is primitive and low-vibrating in itself, but because it is a low-vibrating part of the masculine energies that the Matrix is primarily made of. Do not let yourself be carried away by thinking I am writing about gender conflict here—that would be a waste of effort. I am talking about masculine and feminine energies—not genders.

And yet, it is a bit about gender. For some will say that there are well-known first ladies who are not women but were originally born as men. And these are not the only well-known figures who are presented as a different gender than they were born into. This is not just about gender—it is about deceit and manipulation—primarily for the sake of power, prestige, and money. And the latter typically concerns a low-vibrating masculine energy.

What does this mean for the individual? Let me mention a post where a man wrote, asking why women do not protest against trans men participating in women’s sports. This is an example of the cabal’s use of ‘divide and conquer’. When a man thinks it is women’s problem that men participate in women’s sports, he is ‘defeated’ by the cabal’s lower energies and does not understand the higher purpose of our mission. Namely, that we are all fighting the same battle for liberation. We have a collective responsibility for everything that happens.

I could mention many other examples, but to keep this post from being too long, I will stick to this one example and instead explain why it is important from an energy perspective. Men tend to see the world ‘individualistically’. If some men act as women and they do not do it themselves, then it is not a problem for them. If some men commit assaults on women and they do not do it themselves, then it is also not a problem. Men exercise a great deal of dominance over each other, and this tendency keeps the patriarchal system in place. Women also exercise enormous dominance over each other and others, but they are inherently inferior in the patriarchal world. They do not have the unconscious power that men have—simply because men are born as men. It is simply a feeling that a man receives as a gift when he is born—therefore, it is entirely unconscious for most men.

Because women do not have this, they have had to fight many battles and are in a completely different place than men. They are ahead right now—but men can catch up with women in record time if they just start to understand the energetic rules. Just as men are on average about 25% physically stronger than women, they are also stronger in their energy. If men start using their energies purposefully and with a higher purpose, then things really begin to accelerate.


You are on a mission on Earth right now where you need to learn a lot and expand your consciousness. But most importantly, you need to free yourself from the attachment you energetically have to the Matrix.

The logic of liberation is the opposite of the logic in the physical world. If you do not like something in the physical world, you move away from it. But that is not how the rules are in the energetic world. When you consciously enter the energetic perspective of the world, you know that the rules are that energies attract and repel each other depending on their connections and the types of energy involved.

You are born and raised in a way that has connected you energetically to the Matrix, and you do not free yourself from this binding by moving away. You can only free yourself from an energy by transforming it to vibrate at a different frequency, and this happens by going INTO the energy and not AWAY from it. And it is almost always emotional energies that connect us to the Matrix. Yes, we are brainwashed and connected in our perception of what the world really is. But when we cannot break this brainwashing, it is because we are afraid or have other types of emotional reactions. We are stuck in our heads but only because we do not have contact with the energies in our bodies.

By going INTO the emotional energies in your body that connect you to the Matrix, you dissolve your connectivity and achieve your freedom and independence from the influence of the low-vibrating energies. You release your emotional connectivity and thereby open up for the manipulated state of your brain and thoughts to also be released.

Each person must undertake their individual liberation—you are not liberated because others liberate themselves. But when one person frees themselves from the Matrix, more light can enter the Earth. The more light, the less the Matrix’s power weighs, making it easier for others to liberate themselves. But you cannot liberate others from the Matrix—or ease their liberation—in any other way than by liberating yourself.

As more and more individuals liberate themselves from the low energy frequencies, the energy frequency of humanity and the Earth rises. In this way, the Earth moves from 3D to 4D/5D, and that is the higher purpose of our collective mission.

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