Use the Gifts You Have Within You

You have certain powers within you that you might not be aware of, and therefore are not able to use actively. These powers are essentially energies – but I will come back to that shortly.

Those of you familiar with astrology have probably heard about Aries’ great powers and self-focus, Leo’s need to draw attention to themselves, Aquarius’ ability to live somewhat parallel to many others, and Libra’s unifying and diplomatic abilities. I often hear people talking about these traits in themselves or others – but where do these traits ‘reside’?

Here, I need to outline some important concepts to be aware of before you can understand this post.

I’ll start with the concepts of 3D and 4D. 3D is the life we know, which includes the astrological traits I mentioned earlier. In 4D, the energetic dimension opens up – and thus, the traits associated with Aries, Leo, Aquarius, and Libra become real things. They go from being something we talk about to being energies that can be felt in our bodies. Energies in which the mentioned traits ‘reside’ as an innate intelligence, ability, or power.

One could say that in 3D, astrological conditions are theoretical, and in 4D, they become practical. By viewing astrological descriptions as energies, they suddenly become more real and actually physical. It won’t be long before we have technology that can show the energies in and around us – and then what astrology speaks of suddenly becomes part of the reality we live in. The energies become tangible and measurable.

We’re talking about our reality suddenly becoming much larger, and when this happens, we experience a ‘consciousness expansion’. We suddenly become aware of many things happening in and around us that have always been there – we just weren’t aware of them. This larger part of our reality is both new and yet something we know so well. We just overlooked it, didn’t consider it important, and didn’t prioritize it.

When you begin to live your life from a 4D perspective, the traits from the signs, houses, and planets in astrology come alive in a new way. But you must train your sensitivity to feel the energies. Sensitivity not understood as being emotional – the type of sensitivity I’m talking about involves detecting/sensing all the currently invisible things. Even though the energies at some point will become visible, this will only show a very small part of their characteristics. Seeing them just makes them more real to us – but it doesn’t mean we can feel their traits. For that, we need to engage our own sensory system.

As I wrote, you already know the fourth dimension – that is, the energies. You know them as moods, emotions, thoughts, atmospheres, etc. Things you know exist – but that you can’t see. Yes, you might see a facial expression or other bodily expressions indicating what someone feels – but you don’t see the feeling itself. And the feeling is an energy that is completely real inside the person’s body.

So, you know these energies – and when you actively enter 4D, you need to use new aspects of yourself. You need to sense and perceive where before you listened, saw, and heard. Let me try to explain these aspects of yourself with some examples of the four mentioned astrological signs. There’s something very beautiful about the opening of 4D. You take a big step toward having much greater influence over the energies within you. You don’t need to control them – you need to learn to cooperate with them – and then you need to learn to transform them. You can read more about the transformation technique by reading chapter 8 in ‘My Theory of the Purpose of Life’ – use the search field in the top right corner.

Let me start with Aries’ ability to be self-absorbed. This ability can appear as a gift in one’s life, or it can appear as a great challenge. One can be so self-absorbed that they don’t see other people’s needs and feelings – or, one can be self-absorbed in a way where they stand 100% in themselves while also being aware of the people around them. You don’t eliminate self-absorption – but stand in it with strength and have so much balance in yourself that you can also accommodate the world around you.

Regarding Leo, one could say that it can dominate everything – and it can be so focused on showing off that it becomes irritating to be around. When you learn to carry your Leo energy, you will stand in pride over who you are – while also daring to step forward as a leader and role model. Aquarius will need to dare to be different and understand that it IS different. Libra needs to go from being too middle-seeking and diplomatic to stepping into character and daring to take the floor and influence things.

We all have these four types of energies within us, but you can read in your horoscope if any of these are very prominent in you. This is a very brief description, and you can get much more information from a (3D) astrologer. What I am talking about in this post is when astrology steps into the 4th dimension – and this is where the energies become something alive that you feel in your body. This is where you can feel the self-focusing power of Aries’ energy, the need to be seen from Leo’s, being different from Aquarius’, and the diplomacy from Libra’s energy. You can FEEL these traits as energies within you – and not just as words you read in this post.

When you learn to partly contact these energies and become more aware of their presence when they are activated – then you can start two things. Partly to use them actively and partly to transform them into a better/higher state.

Let’s say you find out that you take up too much space because your Aries energy is too dominant, and you simply have a hard time getting involved in other people’s needs. When this happens, you need to register where this causes problems. Maybe someone tells you, or maybe you discover it yourself one day. When you do, a feeling will arise in you. It can be a feeling of shame or a feeling that you have the right to be as you are, etc. It can be many types of feelings that arise – but the requirement in this technique is that they must cause some form of discomfort in the body. This is the energy telling you where it resides in your body and that it is ready to be transformed.

You start the transformation by sitting in a calm environment and then FEELING the discomfort in your body from the neck down. You should not think or try to influence the process. You should just feel the discomfort. At some point, the discomfort will decrease, or you will become tired and need to stop. But the transformation you completed will not disappear. The energies transformed into a new state will remain at this frequency/in this state forever.

In this way, you open up the gifts you have within you. You become partly aware of them, have their undesirable aspects transformed, and will then be able to use the good/high versions of the energies according to what I mentioned earlier.

Enjoy 🪻

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