The Magnetism of Intuition

The concept of intuition can be viewed as a kind of gateway between 3D and 4D. Many words act as gateways; one just needs to delve deeper into the word and start asking questions—such as one might with the word emotions. One could start by asking: Where do emotions reside and in what form do they exist?

The same can be done with the word intuition by asking: Who is the sender of what intuition picks up? Some might say, well, it is oneself, but then one must ask: What makes the information from intuition different from what one can think of in the usual way?

When the word intuition appears as a gateway between 3D and 4D—from the 3D perspective, one would explain the word by saying that one receives some information from somewhere, typically considered reliable and important. Stepping into the 4D perspective, things look entirely different, and the intuition gateway is actually a connection to a multitude of things. I will try to describe some of them here.

TYPE OF ENERGY: First and foremost, intuition can be divided according to the two types of energies: mental and astral energies. That is, whether it is an intuitive thought one receives or an intuitive emotion. The intelligence and memory in the mental area are completely different from the intelligence and memory in the emotional area—and the messages via intuition will thus be very different. The mental intuitive input can typically be a brilliant idea, and the emotional input will be more along the lines of knowing exactly whether to choose one thing or another.

SENDER: One can also consider intuition based on who the sender of the message that finds its way through intuition is—and therefore one must outline the possible senders that exist. 1) Firstly, there is ourselves. That part of ourselves that can be considered part of our energy body in the physical dimension. 2) Additionally, we have parts of ourselves and our higher energies above our physical energy body. 3) Up where this part of ourselves exists, we are connected with our spiritual friends and family as well as our guides. These can also be senders. 4) And then, of course, we have God/Prime Creator—with whom we can communicate intuitively.

COMMUNICATION: Then we come to the form of communication itself. For the mentioned intuitive inputs from thoughts and feelings, they are typically experienced as something that arrives in a given situation—and are therefore used in the situation for which they are intended. One is thus in a situation and needs to choose between something or come up with a good idea —and then receives the intuitive input. But one can also communicate by starting with asking a question inwardly—and then sensing if one can pick up an answer. In this way, one can create a channel through which one can communicate intuitively with oneself, one’s higher self, spiritual connections, and the Creator. It is not easy at first, but everyone can develop the ability.

And, when I call this post the magnetism of intuition, it is because intuitive communication—whatever form it takes and whomever one communicates with—is nonverbal and occurs on the inner energetic planes. Therefore, one must have contact with one’s inner energies and learn to ‘speak’ with them. Part of speaking with one’s energies corresponds to using the principles of magnetism. Something attracts and feels right, and something else repels and feels wrong.

You thus have the choice to train the use and nuances of your intuition and thereby use it as the gateway to all the mentioned things and much more. As always, you have your free choice of how to view your life—but I would like to promise you that your intuition is a much greater gift than most imagine.


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