The Emotional Wall and God

You have probably noticed that the world has divided into several groups since March 2020. When COVID was introduced, some people complied while others refused to follow what the authorities said. Some woke up abruptly, others over time, and some have not yet begun to wake up. But awakening consists of many things, and that is what I want to write about in this post.

If you consider yourself awake, try looking at the people around you. You will find people who have attended educational institutions for many years and should be able to understand a logical argument. Yet, you can’t get them to understand that COVID was a scam. Why is that the case? – what is it that you possess when you wake up before others?

There isn’t a single answer to this question because there are many reasons. But there is one particular reason I want to discuss in this post – and it is about one’s emotional flexibility.

First, you need to be aware of the hierarchy between emotions and thoughts. Many believe that thoughts create emotions – but that is incorrect. Emotions are an innate energy system we have that helps us with many things, including surviving and functioning in social contexts. Thoughts are more like a form of computer we have to keep track of things, store information, and solve problems. I use the term “thinking pure thoughts” when we are able to use our thoughts without emotions being involved. Many people are capable of thinking pure thoughts – but when COVID came, many completely lost this ability and were overwhelmed by enormous fear. In other words, emotions took control, and the ability to think logically succumbed.

I have written more about “clear thinking” in post #4, and in this post (#9), I want to talk about how emotional energies act as a wall for our further awakening. We can know as much as we want about what is happening in the world these days – but we cannot truly wake up until we transform the wall of emotions within us during these years.

If we first return to the well-educated people who are unable to wake up to simple information about the virus and vaccines – one can say that many of them have a cloud of emotional energies around them. Only when these are transformed will their brain be able to think reasonably and clean thoughts about COVID. And the transformation happens by using the techniques I talked about in post #0. And then one might ask, why do the educated people – and actually all of us – have a large or small cloud of emotional energy around us? This is a very central question in understanding what is happening in the world from a spiritual perspective.

For yes, many things are happening in areas like the economy, military, politics, etc. But we are also in the process of being raised in energy frequency, moving from living a life in 3D to a life in 5D – and this ascension happens by transforming the cloud of emotional energies that are in and around us.

As I wrote about in the post about intuition (#7), we have different spaces/realms around us. Simply put, we have the physical, our higher self, our soul realm, and God’s realm. And one can say that when one transforms, breaks down, and thereby removes the cloud of emotional energy – then one has a direct connection to God. Not to God in the way that many religions speak of. No, one creates a connection in a way that moves from knowing something about God to connecting energetically with God. In fact, everyone is already connected – but it is the awareness of and the feeling of being connected to God that opens up more and more – when one breaks down the emotional wall.

But it is important to understand that it is not just about removing the wall of emotions to then start up your old life. That won’t work. You go through and break down the wall of emotions because you are to become a new version of yourself. You are to become a completely new person. And you cannot think and understand your way into becoming a new person. You become the new version of yourself by feeling (and transforming) what is in the emotional wall. And the content in the wall contains all the information and abilities necessary to become the new person. You do not think your way logically through this process – you live through the sufferings that are in the activated emotions. And when you have lived through this difficult process, you will be able to think clean thoughts and understand the world in a completely new way – and feel the energetic presence of God in your life.

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