We are energy. Energything is energy.

It took me four years to write my first book. Whilst doing so, I embarked on a personal journey which opened up for my own understanding of emotional energies. After that, my understanding of energies in general opened up.

It was Elaine Aron’s use of the word ‘subtleties’ that made me wonder what this expression implies. Being a very sensitive person, I react strongly to stimuli from my surroundings. I realized that I reacted to physical stimuli, however, at one point it became clear to me that I also reacted to non-physical stimuli. For years, I explored these non-physical stimuli and you can find my results on this website and in my books.

It became clear to me that when I talk with people, I am far more affected by their inner state of energy, than by the words they speak. I sense when people say things they don’t really mean, regardless of whether they are being polite or lying. I always sense the layer behind the spoken words, regardless of whether they are conscious of this layer or not. In other words, I sense the energy behind the spoken word.

When I started working with horses in 2009, I experienced huge inner reactions after being in the company of horses.  I could carry out short and simple ground training and would have to sleep for hours afterwards. That was the impact the horse’s energy had on me.

When I am in a room with other people, I get very affected. For many years, I blamed myself for being ‘different’ and didn’t give my reactions any positive attention. But at some point, I started to explore my reactions and my emotional energies were the first that became understandable to me. When together with other people, the first thing I noticed was that I automatically picked up on other people’s emotional energies. Later on, I realized that the total amount of energy in a room also affected me. A big part of the energy in a room is created and formed by the emotional energy of the people in the room.

For many years, I have had an urge for tracking in nature. To start with I didn’t actually understand the impact nature had on me, but today I can very precisely feel the impact nature’s energy has on me. The energy cleanses me and harmonizes those of my energies that are in need of harmonization.

All in all, I now know that I react to all kinds of energy, and not only to what occurs in the physical dimension. This has given me a whole new understanding of what it is like to be me and why I react the way I do.

I believe that many people can benefit from this knowledge and that is why I have written the book ’Energies – in and around us’ and where this energy exists in our everyday lives. A large part of our communication with one another consists of energy and that is why I am also writing about that topic. We communicate on many platforms, i.e. in letters, emails and in person. Much of this communication is based on the energy behind our intentions and motives, and not merely on the words we express. Our inner intention is the energy that follows the words that we express, and this intention is what the receiver picks up.

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