Communication is building bridges..II

From where I stand, communication is a core issue when establishing connections in the physical as well as the spiritual world. Energy flows constantly between people, brings messages and exchanges information. All this is communication.

Usually, when we want to explore the meaning of a word, we look it up in a dictionary or consult the Internet to find an official explanation.  But when we use words in our everyday conversations, we often put in our own understanding of a word. The meaning of a word exists in our memory along with a lot of experiences connected to the word. The meaning of a word for us is the product of what we originally were taught in school, by the family or some other place and of all the situations the word was used by us or others. The meanings of words are constantly changing and continually developing. Try when having a conversation to ask the others how they perceive a specific word. Trying this, you will quickly discover that there are many different perceptions of words, and how this circumstance easily makes us misunderstand each other.

Besides our verbal language, we always speak a non-verbal language. The non-verbal language consists of any active energies inside us and our mood resulting from these energies. It is my experience that almost all of our verbal messages are totally colored by our active inner state of energy. And the message that the receiver picks up is a product of this inner energy. If we say ‘you are a nice person’ to someone, the message that this person will pick up is what we mean, not what we say. If we really find the person nice, then that is what the person will hear. If we don’t like the person, this is what the person will pick up regardless of what we say out loud. Some people are very good at hiding what they mean, but this may merely result in the person’s messages seeming unclear and the receiver getting an uncertain feeling when talking to the person.

Seen from a spiritual perspective, our communication skills are very important for our spiritual awakening. If we wish to awaken our spirituality, we have to learn to distinguish between our emotions and our thoughts. When we listen to our inner voice, we must learn to identify our intuition. Later we must learn to distinguish between the messages our intuition brings us. In spiritual communication, words are often not adequate and other factors will often be included, for instance different kinds of qualities, colors, odors, memories or experiences.

Communication with animals is a subject very dear to my heart. Not typical communication between humans and animals, where we tell the animal what to do. The content of the type of conversation I have in focus is where animals send messages to humans. The content is not about the animal, but about the human being, and animals have a lot to bring to us in this regard. I receive many of these types of messages, and the animals in the spiritual dimension are always available to me. I have written more about communication in general as well as communication with animals in two upcoming books.

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