Open your heart to the messages animals bring

According to my astrological birth chart, I have the Sun in Capricorn and Mercury in Aquarius and this combination forms part of what creates my reality. This reality makes me want to seek an explanation in everything around me. I am also extremely sensitive and therefore I react strongly to all signals around me. Most often these signals cannot be explained through an exoteric understanding of science, which for many years made me seek explanations from many other sources.

I have a natural gift when it comes to exploring the mechanisms of ‘cause and effect’, and people close to me will say that I can go on forever about these mechanisms. It is a common mechanism – we use it all the time in our rational and logical conversations. But if I talk to people about animals, they often shift to a different type of conversation. It becomes more personal, emotional and sometimes a little romantic and less rational and logical.

In a way, it is wonderful that animals can bring these things out, but it makes it difficult to keep the conversation at an intellectual and rational level.  Furthermore, humans often create a hierarchy in which they rank themselves higher than animals.  This is not necessarily something they do consciously; it is just customary for our time.

When it comes to human mental capacity, which makes it possible for us to create advanced societies, humans are much more evolutionary. Animals only have limited mental capacity. But when it comes to emotional capacity, many animals are superior to humans. We hold great emotional capacity within us, created through evolution, but since our focus has been on developing and using our mental capacity, we are neither trained in using nor understanding our emotional capacity. Our mental capacity has also created some cultures that counteract our use and understanding of emotional energy.

My books and other writings are about my perception of emotions. I have written about this in my book (LINK) and here, and this understanding is based on an energetical approach to body, thoughts and emotions. Emotions are energetic states in our body, and both humans and animals have great potential for developing their energy.

The frequency of the energy on earth has undergone a great change and we still face additional changes in the future. From an energetic perspective, this may seem very beautiful and fantastic, but from a mundane perspective, it may neither seem very beautiful nor pleasant. Nevertheless, the plan for the development of planet Earth is that new times will come, and here humans will develop a new type of connection with the animal kingdom. Animals can teach us so much about emotions in general, but also at a highly advanced ethical level. When we think of the great technical results that have been achieved on Earth and those to be revealed in the near future, it is obvious that humans need to develop their ethical skills to a higher level, so we will be mature and responsible when taking advantage of these new and increasingly advanced technical possibilities.

All living beings possess desire, otherwise evolution would stop. Desire is necessary, but to achieve a high level of development an extremely ethical management of skills is required. Animals’ ethical skills are much more advanced than many humans are aware of. When a herd of horses is given food, it is very clear that some horses demand to eat first and will push and bite other horses if necessary. This is not a sign of unethical behavior; it is a sign of creating and maintaining a hierarchy and this is a very important survival strategy. Eating first shows leadership. Being a leader can be expressed by being a role model and by reproving other horses. Leadership can also be demonstrated by being in front of situations or by overlooking situations.  If you watch the behavior of highly developed mammals, you will experience ethical behavior conducted at a high standard with very clearly communicated signals. These animals never have thoughts such as: ‘is this appropriate behavior?’ Their reactions come straight from their heart and are loud and clear, so there are no doubts about their intentions.

Humans have a great deal to learn from horses at the physical as well as the spiritual level. This is a topic that I am writing about in my upcoming book, ‘Messages from the Animal Kingdom’, where I also canalize messages from the spiritual masters of the animal kingdom.

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