To develope your sensitivity is to develope your life

’Why’ is a word that have popped up regularly in my mind most of my life. Questions such as: Why did I have the upbringing that I did? Why do I have so many challenges in my relationship, with my children and other family? Why did I experience so much trouble at my places of work? Why do I always end up in challenging situations? Why do I respond to my surroundings as I do? Why do I take everything so seriously? Why can’t I just relax and enjoy life?

I have never wondered about philosophical questions such as: Why does the world look like it does? What is life all about? The question ‘why?’ has always been directed towards personal matters and an intention of wanting to do things a little bit better and of wanting to understand a little bit better.

Despite my lack of interest in philosophy, these ‘why’s’ lead me to a greater understanding of life. Of course, there are many questions in life to which I still don’t know the answer, but what suddenly became apparent to me was the understanding of the spirit behind all matters – the energetic and spiritual dimension of life.

I now know that everything is energy. But my journey towards this understanding was with poor visibility and many bumps. I had to come to terms with that I respond strongly to the energetic dimensions of everything that comes my way. Unconsciously, I have done so all my life, but now I am able to do it consciously. It is from this perspective that I have written all my books.

For some reason, it was the understanding of emotions that initially became clear to me. This topic developed into my first book, and you can read more about the topic here.

My next book ’Energies – in and around us’ is about energies in general. You can read more about the content of the book and topic here.

To distinguish between all types of energy, whether they are emotional or another type of energy, you have to distinguish between sensing and thinking. You can read more about that topic here.

To be able to use your senses, you have to develop your sensitivity. Read more about that here.

Energies play an important role in communication. A book is on the way on that topic, and you can read more here.

When you start to understand energies, you begin to understand that we all are made up of energy; we all have a soul and a spirit. This opens up for understanding spirituality, a topic I have written more about here.

When you understand that we all have a spirit, you can understand that we all are connected. By understanding that our soul has a plan for our incarnation on Earth, it is possible to get a bigger picture of the meaning of life. My plan for my incarnation and my soul purpose has to do with the relationship between humans and animals, something you can read more about here.

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