In many aspects of my work, I help people open their eyes to a new dimension of the world. I must admit that I did not invent this dimension, and in fact, I am quite certain that you are already somewhat familiar with it. What I do is describe what exists in this extra dimension and how one can train themselves to open up to it.

I call this dimension the 4th dimension, which contains everything energetic. We live in a 3D world, but the 4th dimension already exists in and around us. Societally, however, we do not talk about it, and therefore many people do not believe that it is part of reality. But it is, and in fact, it is more ‘real’ than the ordinary 3D world.

Let me give you an example. You are in a situation that either feels absolutely wonderful or extremely challenging. There is a physical reality to these situations, and then there is the energetic/emotional reality. You may have won a lot of money in the lottery and thus suddenly become rich. One thing is that you have a lot of money – another thing is the feeling of being free from financial problems. You may also have discovered that there is a hole in the roof of your house and that you thus need to shell out a lot of money. So, there is the hole in the roof, and there is the feeling of despair over having to pay for an expense you cannot afford.

The money and a hole in the roof are the 3D reality – the joy and frustration are the 4D emotional energy.

There is also a 5th dimension, and in this reality exist all the beings that are not in our 3D physical world. They exist – we just cannot perceive them as a 3D tangible thing. And those who exist in the 5th dimension and even higher have abilities and an overview that we do not have in our 3/4D lives.

I have contact with some of those who live in this dimension, and they are all from the Spiritual Animal Kingdom. They can help us to better connect with the 4th dimension, for it is not easy to open up to this world. There is much resistance in our society, and it is a confusing reality to step into. It is very different from what we have learned in our 3D lives, and therefore one must be able to open up to something new and thus be flexible about how the world is put together.

As I said, I have many other products and information that can help you, and what you can get from my contact with the animals is your personal message. It is delivered in writing, and you must partially read it, but you must also meditate on it so that you can feel the energies the animals are talking about in the message.

The difference between 3D and 4D can be a bit like going from experiencing life consciously in black and white to experiencing life in all colors. But you should not see the colors with your eyes; you should feel them with your body’s sensory system. For all these new colors are the experience of our emotional energies. There are some that are wonderful and some that are challenging – but they are all equally important. We should not push any away, but we should learn to feel them as the energies they are, with the purposes they have, and the messages they come with.

Write to me if you want a message from the Spiritual Animal Kingdom and possibly if there is something specific in life that you need help with. The price is donation-based, so you pay what you can and want to after you have received the messages from me.

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