Spirituality is the energitic dimensins of your existens

My understanding of spirituality has been created through my own experiences. During the first 50 years of my life, I had no insight nor interest in spirituality. I have never been religious, have never had any kind of relationship to God and the way in which Christianity was presented to me in school didn’t do anything for me.

From my point of view, spirituality can be explained in two ways. One is the esoteric understanding, which has its own explanation of how the human soul, mind and body are created. In this perspective, the spirit behind matter is explained. The other is the exoteric understanding presented through science, but with focus on questions that can’t be explained this way. Questions like: Why do we dream? How is a thought created? What does an emotion consist of? What creates the force life in our body? There are so many questions about the human body and mind that can’t be answered fully by physicians, physicist or other scientists.

It was through my sensitivity and my experience of energy in and around me, that my spirituality opened up. To begin with, my sensitivity gave me a lot of signals, which initially confused me. But as I started to listen to the details of the signals, I slowly started to comprehend what I was sensing. I had to take both the esoteric and the exoteric understanding into consideration, but only the esoteric understanding could fully explain what I sensed. Later on, astrology helped me to further comprehend the knowledge of the energies that I sensed.

Spirituality is the energetic dimension of matter, an invisible dimension for most of us. If you want to explore this dimension, you can embark on reading esoteric literature. But for many people these texts are very complex and difficult to understand and relate to our everyday life. Furthermore, this wisdom has a not-so-good reputation some places. In order to create some literature about the wisdom of spiritual energy, I have written several books on this topic. I have attempted to do so in a way, where the contents of my books are applicable in everyday life situations.

To be able to apply the contents of my books, you must start by being conscious about sensing instead of merely using your ability to think. By sensing life and its impact on us, we have the opportunity of gaining much more information from what meets us. Spirit, soul and spirituality in general are energies and energies must be sensed. If you only think about energy, you will not experience it. This can be compared to falling in love. Reading in a book about falling in love and actually falling in love are two totally different experiences. The same applies to energies.

When we open our minds to the knowledge and wisdom of energy and thereby the spirituality around and in the human body and mind, we can also open up to the general understanding of the spirit behind everything including animals, trees, plants, the Earth and the Universe. It will also become possible to acquire knowledge about the way in which the energy behind physical things affects us, and also the energy from things that are not visible.

The most important quality of spirituality is its ability to make us feel that everything is connected. We will start to feel the connection from our inner energetic states and we will especially be able to feel the great love energies sent to us from the Universe.

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