In my work, you can find support to expand your life with a completely new dimension. You probably already know it, but this dimension is not talked about much, and it’s challenging to find help to develop this aspect of yourself – and that’s precisely what I offer here.

I don’t have the answers, and I can’t do the work for you. However, I provide a framework and offer guidance from various perspectives so that you can start expanding your life on your own.

It’s all about prioritizing the act of SENSING and FEELING life to a much greater extent. You need to begin developing your sensitivity so that you can sense and feel all the subtle aspects within yourself, around you, and in and around everything in your surroundings. All these subtleties, which are entirely real but invisible and can only be accessed by sensing and feeling them – these are the energies. We are energy beings, surrounded by energies that flow within us, out of us, and toward us.

By articulating all these subtleties with the concept of ‘energies,’ it becomes possible to make the subtle much more real than it is for us today. This is what I have done in all the work you can find on this site.

To learn to sense and feel life, yourself, and your surroundings, you should start with the following:

  • Read my books to understand the energies within and around you.
  • Watch some of the educational films I have created.
  • Create a daily program where you practice some of the energy exercises on my YouTube channel.
  • Learn the technique of transforming energies.
  • Then, find a group or a partner to exchange your experiences with.

And then it’s essentially just getting started. For every chapter you read or every film you watch, go out afterward and try it in your everyday life. When I talk about energies in and around you in the books, try to sense and feel them. If it doesn’t work immediately, just keep practicing, practicing, practicing.

The educational films provide perspectives on topics, and the training exercises increase your ability to sense yourself and your energies, teaching you to identify the energy types within you.

The ability to use the transformation technique is fundamental to creating changes in your life – so, you need to learn and implement it in your daily life alongside your daily energy exercises.

Do these things and gather your experiences. Share your experiences with your partner or group. The approach to life that you can learn from my material doesn’t require a trained expert to guide you. In this approach, you are the expert, and by following my guidance, you have work for several years to come – if not for the rest of your life. I don’t teach you so much concrete information; what I teach you is a new and broader approach to the life you already have.

When you spar with your group or partner, there are some crucial things to be aware of. When you need a sparring partner, it’s essential to hear yourself articulate your experience of the world. And this experience is both subjective and real. Let’s say you sense that a friend or partner is offended by you – whether they are or not is irrelevant. What’s most important to become aware of is solely what YOU feel. There is no right or wrong in what you feel – so you/your group/partner shouldn’t dwell on whether you feel right or wrong. Just listen to each other’s stories about how you sense and feel the world. When you speak out loud about what you sense and feel, your inner self will trigger various reactions, making you wiser about yourself. You will activate emotions, and your feelings are always honest – it’s just about finding their honest narrative and daring to listen to it. (Read more about it in the books; it’s a crucial cornerstone in understanding my work.)

Being able to perform this collaborative work is not easy. We quickly fall into the trap of judging whether what we feel is right or wrong. But the entire principle in the higher understanding of the world is that we all experience the world subjectively.

Another thing that is also fundamental to present to the group/partner what one has sensed and felt through experiences is ‘being able to be in the body.’ When you sense and feel yourself and the world around you, you use your bodily sensory apparatus to perceive the energies. You don’t think about what you sense and feel; you sense and feel with the body – but you should read more about it in the books and see it in the films.

This is how you can get started. Whether you want to start… that choice is yours and yours alone. And prepare yourself that it won’t be easy. It’s hard work, requiring great discipline and persistence – but it yields so much and makes your life so much more extensive. However, be prepared to spend 2 hours a day on meditations and energy work. I suggest 30 minutes of meditation in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon/evening. Use the remaining hour when you wake up, when you go to sleep, when you have activated emotions during the day or when there are strong incoming energies from outside.

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