About Me


I was born in 1963, am married and have three adult children. For the past 40 years, I have worked with accounting and auditing, but in 2008 my life changed. My sensitivity increased leading to a deep spiritual awakening and the establishment of contact with several spiritual sources.

Besides working together with and being guided by several spiritual masters, archangels and other spiritual beings, my spiritual focus point lies in my contact with the spiritual dimensions of the animal kingdom.

Horses and their spiritual dimensions, which are unicorns, are my primary collaborators. But when I receive messages in connection with my work, it may be from many different animals represented by their spirits.

The messages I receive from my guides are very often practical messages and are for use in everyday life. But all messages are always related to energy, and most often emotional energies.

I hardly ever receive messages about the animal’s physical needs. Many other experts work in that area. The messages I receive concern the person’s needs and personal issues. The spiritual dimension of the animal kingdom has deep understanding of emotional energies and has so much to offer human beings. A fact of which people often are unaware.

The spiritual dimension of the animal kingdom holds messages for all kinds of people and about all kinds of issues. It has nothing to do with people having their own animals or what other relations they have to animals. Everybody can receive messages and advice from the spiritual dimension of the animal kingdom if they open up to it.



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