A Hijacked System

In this post, I will write about various aspects of healthcare around the world. However, please note that I am from Denmark, so my experiences originate from here. Nevertheless, I am convinced that the structure of the Danish system is similar to that of many other countries. But this post is not only about the structure of the system – it actually has more to do with the people involved – primarily the person who is ill, but also relatives, healthcare professionals, etc.

Initially, healthcare systems were created for citizens who became ill. Societies made decisions to build clinics, hospitals, etc., to help people recover. And initially, that’s a sympathetic thing. However, as many know, the pharmaceutical industry and related sectors have taken a significant step into the treatment of sick people, researching diseases, and producing medication, etc.

The healthcare industry has gone from being a good idea for the sake of society and citizens to also being a huge opportunity for companies to make money. The good intention from society has thus been hijacked as a profit opportunity – but it has been hijacked for more than that. And here I will outline a few different perspectives and concepts.

There are people in the world with very dark agendas, not driven by empathy and compassion when they engage in business. And then there are plenty of people driven by great empathy and the desire to help their fellow citizens. People exist all along the scale from the darkest individual to the brightest.

But the dark forces have held power on Earth for many years and have gained control over the healthcare system and many other important societal institutions. And in itself, that doesn’t sound like a good thing – but if you rise to a higher (5D) perspective, you know that God has created EVERYTHING. Both the darkness and the light. And for us to shine more, we take up the fight against the darkness. It’s completely like going to the gym to get bigger muscles. When one incarnates on Earth and engages in hard battles against darker energies, one gains greater strength in one’s soul energy.

In my language, we live a 3D life, and when we open to the consciousness of – and the use of – energies, we open up to 4D. And when we rise even higher and see things from the soul plane, we look at the higher meaning of what is happening – and that’s 5D.

If you see our battles against the forces of darkness from a 5D perspective, you will always be able to find a higher purpose in what you are part of.

And if we then move down to 4D and nuance things from there, Neptune energy is a logical thing to involve in the hijacked healthcare system. Neptune is indeed associated with illness, but that’s not what I’m referring to here. When I involve Neptune, it’s about the triangles that Neptune’s energy moves in.

If you see Neptune’s energy running in a triangle with 3 points, each point represents a ‘role’. In relation to the healthcare system, there is a sick person, a healer, and the illness itself. The illness is the ‘villain’, the sick person is the ‘victim’, and the healer is the ‘hero’. Some may recognize this division from the theory of ‘The Drama Triangle’. It also somewhat resembles David Icke’s frequently used concept: ‘Problem – reaction – solution’.

If you incorporate this 3-point division into the understanding of Neptune, the concept of the ‘Neptune ladder’ also exists. That is, an ascent where you ascend higher and higher in your development by working with the Neptune energies within yourself. And if you imagine the ladder, there is an energy triangle at the bottom rung, and when you have transformed the state/frequency of the energy from the first rung, you will end up on rung number 2, and so on. How to transform energies, you can read more about on my website.

But in relation to our hijacked healthcare system, there is an important aspect to be aware of. It is about the fact that the dark individuals who have hijacked the healthcare system – they know very well that it would cause them many problems if people started taking big steps up the Neptune ladder. Because then they would lose control over people, and they don’t like that. They like having power and money, and therefore they need to keep people locked into the lower rungs.

And you can solve that by – 1) becoming aware of the situation. 2) starting with comprehensive energy work primarily with exercises called ‘feeling emotions’. Posts about energy work are also available on my website.

So – you need to become aware of the three points in Neptune’s triangle. Let me give you a few examples. When you are ill, you need to be aware that there are dark forces that speculate on being the hero who saves you. They will do a lot to prevent you from becoming your own hero and saving yourself, so they firmly hold onto being the ultimate experts in exactly what you are suffering from. In this way, strong forces keep your perception of life firmly in the belief that you are a victim who the system should help recover.

Then look around at people who are not sick. Many of them will do a lot to help those who are sick. They are very willing to assume the role where they feel they can help because it feels great to help others. In Denmark, the system is incredibly good at getting celebrities to lead fundraisers and getting people to donate money. You can also volunteer to shop for vulnerable citizens, be a visiting friend to lonely elderly people, a volunteer helper in nursing homes, etc. And all the good intentions that the helpers have are fantastic – it’s the most beautiful thing we have in us – namely compassion.

There is just one problem in that the system wants helpers to support the sick, when in fact there are many solutions to diseases that are not used or allowed. That means the system has hijacked people’s compassion and got them stuck on rung 1, believing they are providing enormous help to sick people.

And of course, they provide beautiful help – but from Neptune’s development ladder perspective, they are unfortunately also (completely unconsciously) contributing to keeping the Neptune energy triangle alive on the lower rungs. Because the fact is, when you transform the energies from the lowest rungs and ascend higher on the ladder, you know that diseases come for a reason, and they always have a message for us. NOTHING in the world happens randomly. From a 5D perspective, there can be many purposes for becoming ill, and it is these ‘purposes’ that one should try to find and solve. One should not accept that someone takes control over one’s life and says that one is chronically ill and should expect to be so for the rest of one’s life.

Here you need a little help from the Saturn and Pluto energies to support the Neptune energies within yourself. Neptune energies are both beautiful, gentle, and sensitive – but they are also very spiritual. That’s why transforming the energy at the lower rungs of the Neptune ladder leads to spiritual openings and enlightenment.

Neptune is a 2nd ray energy, which in a way is pure love. But even the 2nd ray may need help – and it can be drawn from the 1st and 3rd rays for ‘power and will’ and ‘active intelligence’, respectively, thus also forming a beautiful ray triangle. Translated into practical life, it means, for example, that you should not let yourself be deceived by illusionists who want to take advantage of your illness. You should know that you are a divine being with your God-given free will. And when you have to fight against those who deceive you, you should use the power of your will and the thoughtfulness of your intelligence. Your will is easiest found through the heart as a feeling, and your intelligence comes from your brain. You need the courage of your will and your brain’s ability to coolly and logically figure out what someone is using you for.

But remember – it’s all about the energies – and therefore you need to know the hierarchy of energies. In this case, the problem is solved by finding the feeling that consists of what you fear about your illness. Feel it as an energy in your body (read more about the technique on my website) and when you have transformed your fear – even just a little – you will have created more courage energy, and your brain will be able to think more clearly. That’s how energies work. Enjoy!

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