We all have something inside of us that very few have contact with. Many are, of course, in touch with their inner selves, but there is much more inside than most are aware of. There is a ‘door’ to our inner self, and there is a world inside the door – and another world on the outside of the door in this physical world. In this post, I will try to explain a little more about this concept.

First, it is important to understand that once you step through the door to your inner self, there are many layers. There are also many ways to explain our inner self, but if you want to benefit from my words, put aside the other things you know for a moment. In my teaching, the perspective is different from what others use. Initially, you cannot take a little from my teaching and a little from others and make your own mix. If you do that, you haven’t understood what my teaching is about. You need to understand what I am talking about – and then you can take this perspective into your life and compare it with other things you encounter or already know.

But it is not immediately easy to enter the perspective I am talking about – it requires something from you. The thing is, in my teaching, you are your own expert. I know a lot about the framework for what I am talking about, but I am not an expert on your inner self. You are. Many gurus are ready with answers for you about this and that. I rarely give such types of answers – I advise you more on how to seek your own answers. The answers I do give very clearly are about the technique behind what I teach. When it comes to this, I can be strict about what is right and wrong – but I am not when it comes to your inner self.

I have created a teaching platform with books and films. Some will be able to use it to explore a bit, find the door to a new part of themselves, and then move away from the teaching and continue with their lives. Others have a part in their soul contract about having to learn the technique and train to become coaches who can guide others in this technique.

It is a technique for the future and not something I have ‘invented.’ What I am talking about is a frame/structure and a technique to understand a person’s inner self. I have not invented people’s inner selves.

When I advise people, 95% of the time they get the same answer, and you can get it for free here. It’s about me saying that people should get out of their heads and into their bodies. Instead of thinking about the world, they should feel the world – that is how you enter the perspective that is needed to enter the door to your inner self❤️

The reason I can describe the inner world as I can through this technique – is that I have stepped through the door myself and experience the world from there. I have been inside the door for +15 years now, and from here, I have described most of what I have experienced in many ways. I have +30 book and film manuscripts in my archives and have so far only published two. The world has not been ready for more.

When you step through the door, you connect with the Universe in a way that allows you to download a lot of information. It was in my soul’s plan, so I did it. There may be some who need to do a little of what I have done – but I believe there are many, many more who need to use what I have brought here to help others. I am not very therapeutically inclined myself, but there are many gifted people in the world who are. And they will greatly benefit from stepping through their door using my technique, living life from there, and then helping others to embark on the same journey.

The teaching material consists of 2 books, where I recommend you start by reading just one. It costs 249 Dkkr. (about 20$). Then there are 8 films at $12 each – the whole package costs about 120$. If you just want to take a step in your life, you can simply watch a few films – if you want to be a therapist, you should watch them all. This is the price for the training program.

There are no certificates in this training. The training is about reaching a point in your own development where you can guide others in their process or be a support person for groups. When you have read the book, watched the films, and related these things to experiences in your inner and outer life – you can purchase guidance from me, or you can send suggestions for topics I should make films about.

So, it is a training program that takes place largely on your own. As I write in the section ‘how to get started’, it is a good idea to find participants to spar with during the process. But you should see each other as equals and not act as therapists for each other. It is a program where you learn a technique to understand yourself and the world in a new way. It is not a therapeutic support program. What is understood as therapy is homework in this training – and you do it alone.

When I call the post ‘The Door to Yourself,’ it is because the technique you learn in this program contains the framework and language that your inner self functions according to. So, you do not directly learn about yourself through the training – you learn how you can communicate with and understand your inner self, and through this language, you can get to know yourself. This is how you develop and get in touch with what is inside the door to your inner self.

Once you step into this perspective, you see the world completely differently. What you encounter, you view with entirely different eyes. What happens in your life, you understand from a completely different perspective. It gives events different purposes and, it gives you new ways to work with them. It does not give you control over your life, but it gives you the helm of your life in your hands. You become able to navigate through whatever life throws at you without events tossing you in many directions, only confusing you.

But it is not a shortcut to easy solutions in your life. It is the direct and correct way to yourself. It is not easy to walk this path, and it is very lonely. When you walk the spiritual path, it is lonely – because the inner path can only be walked alone. You can get support, but you cannot invite others into your inner self. That is how the spiritual rules work.


(Click on the tab: ‘How to get started’ and proceed from there to the instructional films. If you click on the link to the instructional films, there are small trailers for all of them.)

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