We do it out of love for life….

They say that everything is love – but when we live our daily lives, it doesn’t feel like everything is love. On the contrary, many of us have felt that life has been more of a struggle than a love dance. Especially in the last four years, but for many of us, things started a long time ago.

Some people have had their consciousness completely open to the many terrible things happening in the world. But many of us have had our consciousness closed to these horrors – fortunately. Instead, we had other battles that we were meant to fight in our lives.

There was information to be spread in the world, and there was low-vibrational energy that needed to be transformed from low darkness to high light. To reach the low-vibrational energies in order to transform them into light, one needs to have some ‘magnetism’ within oneself that draws one towards these lower energies. Translated into daily life, this means that many people have energetic structures/programs in their energy bodies that draw them into challenges.

For example, some have struggled to make their finances work, some have suffered physical and psychological abuse, and others have faced intimidation and oppression. There are many types of low-vibrational energies, and when a person takes on the fight against these, it means encountering them and engaging with them. Not because it feels pleasant – simply because one is attracted to them. Nor because one has control over them – on the contrary – otherwise, they wouldn’t be challenges.

When one ends up in these challenging life circumstances, one becomes like a small energy engine that daily transforms energy. Many high-vibrational souls have incarnated into lives with many difficult challenges, but because they contained high-vibrational soul energy, they transformed all darkness into light. They didn’t enjoy their lives, but they lived them as best as they could. They made the best out of the difficult challenges they encountered throughout their lives. And it was not possible to avoid the challenges. If they fled from one challenge, an identical one awaited them ahead – simply because they contained energy structures that pulled them towards these challenges.

The time of extensive energy transformation work for these high-vibrational souls is coming to an end. New challenges are calling, but not of the same heavy kind as the past contained.

There are many souls with lower vibrations who now face very great challenges. They must open themselves to truths that will be difficult for them to accept. They might receive them as information, but that doesn’t mean they can accept them as truths. To accept something as a truth, it must harmonize with one’s inner soul energy. If the soul energy is not high-vibrational enough, these souls will have to undertake extensive energy transformation work. It will be hard, but it will also be one gift after another for their soul.

The high-vibrational souls will experience things differently. They will find that the truths now emerging perfectly match the vibration of their soul energy. They will feel as if they are finally coming into their own element. Perhaps as if they are finally coming ‘home’ – because the frequency at which the earth will vibrate will correspond to the vibration from which their soul comes.

Therefore, golden times are ahead for humanity’s high-vibrational souls. They will suddenly understand that all the magnetism towards difficult challenges they have had within them has been a love energy for life. An energy imprinted by God as part of their soul work in the ascension of the earth. When the right time comes, they will suddenly feel a love energy within themselves that they haven’t felt in a long time. Their soul can recognize it, but since life has brought such hard challenges, the soul might have completely forgotten what this love feels like. But suddenly, one realizes that it is a deep love for the life that God has given us.

It is a love so strong that one can do nothing but follow its messages. One cannot – and will not – do anything but serve this love’s highest cause. Everything else feels wrong and repulsive. One only wants what feels absolutely right – and this feeling of what is absolutely right stems from the soul’s connection to God. God, who is such a strong love energy in itself, that when we feel this energy, we want nothing more than to do our very best, use all our strength, and not stop until we have no strength left.

Great demands have been made on these high-vibrational souls, and many have lived on the edge of not being able to go on. They have been pushed to their limits many times, picked themselves up, and taken on the fight again. But brighter times are ahead. There are fruits that are ready to be harvested from the many hard battles. Fruits filled with love, returning to us as thanks for the hard service work, we have done.

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