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Four years….

For four years, I have woken up every morning thinking about how I can formulate a new Facebook post today, where I try to include facts, science, logic, emotions, wisdom, spirituality, etc., in an attempt to awaken people to what is happening in the world.

For four years, I have not felt any choice. I have only felt a calling and a duty. Something that has pushed me to my limits and several times a bit beyond. I have felt a calling and a duty that, despite enormous personal costs, could not be stopped or negotiated.

For four years, I have regularly pushed my children and husband so hard that I have had to face their stress, frustration, and at times pleading and angry looks.

For four years, I have seen the authorities manipulate my loved ones with very large consequences.

For four years, I have had to endure comments like the one you can read at the bottom of the post. I have been spoken to as if I were an ignorant 5-year-old child or just a fool who knew nothing about life.

For four years, I have responded politely. I have twice broken my rules and called someone a fool. Otherwise, I have every day taken all comments on my posts – or dialogues I have engaged in elsewhere – seriously. I have used all my creativity to explain my views and insisted on not talking down to others.

For four years, I have seen the press lie and withhold information from the public, and I have – as often as I could manage – entered their pages and tried to give them opposition. Also here, too often met with extreme ridicule.

For four years, I have become more and more tired and exhausted.

For four years, I have seen my efforts have minimal effect.

For four years, I have still not been able to stop.

For four years, I have every day felt the pain and all the other emotions these experiences have brought me. I have my energy work methods, and without them, I would not have made it through the four years. But they have also made me able to withstand greater pressure than I really wanted. And it has at times pushed my surroundings far beyond the reasonable.

Still, I regret nothing. Not for a second have I doubted that the path I was on was the right one. I do not complain about any of the resistance I have encountered. I insist on not feeling like a victim. I insist on feeling wise and strong.

When I see recordings of politicians being chased by citizen journalists trying to get them to answer questions about what they said when the pandemic broke out – but who now flee far away from the questions without knowing where to put themselves – or when I read comments like the one I shared at the bottom of the post – I feel again great pain and compassion. Although I have done my best for four years to help these types of people and therefore should lean back and be satisfied with my efforts, I am not there yet. It hurts me incredibly much to think about what happens to people when they wake up to what is happening in the world and how they have been manipulated into doing the most terrible things to their bodies.

It is a difficult pain. But it is the pain of love. It is the love of life, the world, humanity, and especially my children and husband. And the price of love can sometimes be high.



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This is a comment to my post #10 about ‘Who has the power’ – that translated into English say:

I spent X number of minutes reading it, and what the sender asks at the beginning is, of course, not answered in her overly long post 🤡

As always in these funny posts, it’s something about some energies and some villains, but never anything that comes close to facts… But it’s funny, it is… It’s almost on the level of the theory that it was the devil and some 16/7 energies that set fire to Denmark’s Old Stock Exchange!

Thank you for enriching my life with these wonderful posts, we all need to smile in this crazy world ❤️

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