Recently, I posted a video about weather manipulation on my Facebook wall. This phenomenon could be interpreted as very clear evidence that the extreme weather affecting parts of the world is man-made and not natural. Someone then asked in the comments who on earth could come up with such a thing. And this post is an attempt to answer that question. The fact is, the question is actually incredibly comprehensive when it needs to be answered. But I will do my best.

When answering who could come up with such a thing – one must first define who ‘who’ is. And when someone is capable of such massive weather manipulations, one must acknowledge that they have great power. Therefore, I call this post ‘Who has the power.’

To define who ‘who’ is, I have to raise it to a very high level. We must go all the way up to where it is called light versus dark. Heroes versus villains. White Hats versus Black Hats, etc. And to bring this into the language I always use, one can say that the Heroes, White Hats, Light are high-vibrating – the other is low-vibrating. Light is advanced – dark is primitive. Light is love – dark is the struggle for power and survival.

The question then is – are the light or dark forces manipulating the weather?

To explain this, I will divide the world into three layers. The highest light layer, the systemic middle layer, and the personal lowest layer. The personal layer is the layer that corresponds to your personal life. The systemic layer is the layer where the military, national leaders, large organizations, etc., are found. And the highest luminous layer is that which is higher than our earthly 3D plane. It is 4D and higher and is the ‘place’ or the ‘density level’ humanity is moving up to.

Light is waiting for us – so the highest layer is essentially ready.

The systemic layer is partly fighting for power and partly working to cleanse the hiding places of the dark. Because the dark has hold power for many years, and their influence is everywhere. The light systemic layer started by ‘cutting off the head of the snake’ and HAS taken the overall power from the dark. But then came the cleansing, and it is a very extensive project. One thing that makes things difficult for us to understand is that time travel is possible. This means that the dark could insert small triggers at future times that, when we reach those times, are triggered. It is therefore an incredibly complicated project to clean up all the traces that the dark has left – but that is what the systemic layer of light is dealing with. And the head of the snake was cut off long ago. One could say that Trump officially took control of the project back in 2017.

And then we are back to the personal level. For here, too, the dark has left its marks. Many people have lived through many incarnations under the forces of the dark system and find it very difficult to reconnect with the higher plane of light. This is indeed one of the methods the dark has used. They can, for example, say that we can only find God and the Light through the Pope, the priest, or they say it doesn’t exist at all. We are just a small bodily coincidence that has only one life and no soul.

So, when we return to who has the power. Many of the weather phenomena and false flag operations we see could be something planned by the dark. But since the light has the power, they have things under control to some extent. But they cannot and should not prevent the events from being carried out – they just need to ensure that we get through as well as possible. And this is due to some karmic matrix-like thing that we from our earthly plane can find very difficult to comprehend with our brain.

And to bring things down to a very practical level – you can ask yourself: Who has the power in your life? Can the dark’s weather manipulation or FF ignite your fear, or are there other things that can activate your low-vibratiing energies?

And presumably, there are for most people – because there should be. We have lived in 3D for a long time, and it is a lower vibration than 4D and 5D. If you walk around thinking you are doing fine and are high-vibrating and have been for a long time – then you are probably wrong. Because life and vibration in 5D feel different than in 3D. This means that if you haven’t felt significant changes in the last 10 years – then you have something pending.

The structure of the life we have lived until now has been built around someone having power over us. If it isn’t other people, it’s our societal system. People do not live a free life. They haven’t for a long time, and it is becoming increasingly apparent to most that some want more and more power over us. And we can fight from now on and forever with these opponents – it won’t yield results until we also take up the fight against ourselves. The fight that involves us not giving away the power over ourselves.

This fight takes place on the inner planes, and it happens precisely because IT IS NECESSARY for us to get the dynamics around us that create the friction that ultimately raises our energies to the 5D frequency and away from the 3D frequency.

As always, all my material on energy work is available to you. But as someone wrote in the comments under another post, life just feels like survival without light and joy. Therefore, there wasn’t enough energy for doing energy work and meditation. And for this, I have the best advice for you. When you can’t see the light and are only surviving – you REALLY have hold of the dark energies in yourself. Then they are REALLY ready to be transformed. And it is a gift… in the long run, but while it is happening, it is like going through hell. Darkness is what we know as hell. So the feeling of dealing with dark energies feels like dealing with the worst you can imagine in the world. And it is this depth within ourselves that we need to step into before the Light can truly penetrate us and raise our energy frequencies.

When the dark’s activities have some amount of power over you, whether it is the weather, the tax authorities, politicians, WHO, or others, it is because these activities hit the low energies in you. It is by connecting to the darkness in you that the dark maintains its power – both collectively but also over each individual. Darkness is indeed natural. Yes, it is primitive – but if we didn’t have darkness, we wouldn’t have the Light either. It is simply the dynamics of our lives.

When you feel miserable in one way or another, it is actually a help to find your way to your own darkness – because the darkness in yourself is simply the feeling of misery in many versions. But you should not use the help to escape from the dark side of yourself. You need to go into the darkness and feel how the darkness feels. That is the way Light comes into the darkness. And it is along that path that you regain power over yourself.

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