7.2 – Consciousness

7.3 – Daytime Consciousness and Nighttime Consciousness

Running parallel with the description of access to the consciousness, we need to differentiate between consciousness during the daytime and consciousness at night. The explanation I provided on access to the consciousness applies to what we call daytime consciousness. At night, however, our `settings´ with regard to consciousness change.

This change of setting means that our daytime consciousness closes down at night, at the same time as our higher spiritual consciousness awakens. This means that our lower daytime consciousness becomes completely inactive while we sleep, while the soul consciousness is strongly activated . This activity can consist of many things – everything from finding solutions to the problems in our daily life that have evaded our daytime consciousness to carrying out work in the higher dimensions.

7.4 – The Connection to the Consciousness – from the past until now

Up until this point in the development of the earth, because we inhabit a physical body, the consciousness on the earthly plane and the consciousness on a higher spiritual plane have been completely separate. Certain religious and spiritual traditions have made efforts to raise awareness of what takes place on the higher spiritual planes, while our scientific traditions have primarily focused on the contents of the lower physical planes.

The connection between the spiritual planes and the physical planes has always been there, and the consciousness on the higher planes has always been aware of the consciousness on the lower planes. But the consciousness on the lower planes, at least in most people, has not been aware of the consciousness on the higher planes.

We have now reached a time in the earth´s evolutionary development where the life plan of the earth is now ready for the lower consciousness to become more aware of the higher consciousness, and contact between them will increase..

7.5 – The Memory Consciousness – collective and individual

All 12 ray energies of the universe (BAE) exist in their basic form and also form part of our own personal soul energy (SAE). In a similar way, we can say that the part of the consciousness I have referred to as memory consciousness exists partly in a collective form and partly in an individual form. The collective memory contains pretty much EVERYTHING, while the individual memory contains the individual person´s experience and recollections.

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