7.1 – Consiousness

7 – CONSCIOUSNESS – the function that controls the energies within and around us

7.1 – Consciousness

Consciousness is actually many things, and we don´t have any words to describe the various parts that make up consciousness as a whole. On top of this, the different parts of consciousness are continually interacting, making it virtually impossible to distinguish one from another. I have tried, however, to divide consciousness up into the following groups:

Firstly, I have divided consciousness up into three main groups:

  1. An accumulated memory of your experience (Memory Consciousness)
  2. An attention function (Attention Consciousness)
  3. A tool that can be used for taking action and exerting influence (The Consciousness Tool)

The Memory Consciousness is the energy that exists in our soul energy – both on the higher planes and on the lower planes – which contains information about all our previous experience and knowledge.

The Attention Consciousness is the function we use when we turn our attention to something. A function that is one of observing rather than taking action.

The Consciousness Tool is what enables us to influence things – so this is an active function in which we do something.

Based on this division into three, these three functions can then be divided again into three more groups. One group is when the consciousness is working on the lower earthly plane, the second is when the consciousness is working on the soul plane, and the third group is when the consciousness is working on the higher spiritual planes.

Trying to do justice to these 3 x 3 divisions would involve a very long and complicated explanation, as each division also includes several more layers, depending on the level of development each individual is on. So, in this theory, I´ll only describe the following:

On the earthly plane:

  1. The Memory Consciousness corresponds to our brain´s memory (BMC).
  2. The Attention Consciousness is the function involving our attention (BAC).
  3. The Consciousness Tool is our (often unconscious) motivation, aim and intention (BCT).

On the soul plane:

  1. The Memory Consciousness corresponds to our soul´s memory (SMC).
  2. The Attention Consciousness is the function that consists of all the things we draw on and are inspired by from the contents of our life plan (SAC)
  3. The Tool Consciousness is the soul´s tool which it uses to carry out the energy work it must do (STC).

On the higher spiritual plane:

  1. The Memory Consciousness is all the accumulated soul total memory (MMC).
  2. The Attention Consciousness corresponds to the monad´s decision to travel down to the earthly plane via the soul energy and focus on having contact with the physical life on earth (MAC).
  3. The Tool Consciousness is the energy-related pressure that stems from the monad´s intention with this incarnation, and the constant pressure that is directed from the higher spiritual plane down towards the earthly plane via the soul energy (MTC).

7.2 – The Location of the Consciousness, it´s abilities and access to it on the earthly plane

The consciousness that is within our body exists because we are incarnated in a physical body. When we die, this part of the consciousness is pulled back up to the soul plane and is absorbed back into the consciousness of that plane.

I define the location of the consciousness as being in two places in the body.

One of those places is the region behind the frontal lobe and the other is the central chest area.

The consciousness in the head should not be confused with the brain function. Consciousness is an independent function. It is also a function that works on many different levels of development, providing access to different skills.

From a spiritual perspective, the abilities of the consciousness located in the head relate to    ‘the third eye’ and the psychic abilities of clairvoyance that can be unlocked from here.

The abilities of the consciousness located in the chest relate to what is known as empathy, and provide the ability to sense other people´s emotional energies.

Both consciousnesses – the one in the head and the one in the chest – can be zoomed in or out, which means that the distance to or from what or whom you are observing or interacting with energy-wise, can be regulated.

Access to the soul consciousness basically corresponds to the person´s level of development, but access to it will be included as part of their life plan. This may mean that access – even once a high level of development is attained – can be scheduled to be opened at specific times during that lifetime. For some people, in their life plan, they will have full access to consciousness right from childhood. Others may choose to be more or less closed to it during the first part of their lives, and then be given access to the soul consciousness at a specific fixed point or period in the future.

If you exclude the life plan, I would describe having access to the consciousness as being on a scale where one end could be described as ‘completely closed’ and the other ‘wide open’. Exactly where a person sits on that scale depends on their level of development. ‘Completely closed’ would correspond to a person with very little self-awareness, who acts based on their instincts. ´Wide open’ would be a person who is in close touch with their soul consciousness and uses it.

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