6 – Energy ‘Settings’


Not only do the 12 ray energies have their own properties, they also work in different systems. As this is an area with which I am not very familiar, I will only touch on it briefly in this film.

In one way, astral energy flows like water with no fast structure. But in another way, astral energy is attached in several places, so that a structure is created that allows the energy to flow in and around it.

Astral energy on the earthly plane is within and around all living beings. Astral energy on the soul level and in the higher dimensions exists in what I have chosen to call living “etheric beings”. As well as these, some extremely highly-developed beings exist on non-earthly planes, some of whom are what we call archangels. Archangels act both as the bearers of and channels for the 12 ray energies and each archangel normally has one of the 12 ray energies as its areas of expertise.

The structure around which the universe is built up, also acts as a kind of skeleton or architectural framework to anchor down the astral energies. We are familiar with these structures from the sciences of mathematics and geometry, and they exist in all living things.

The astral energies also have what we might call different ’settings’; the ones we are most familiar with are the masculine and feminine settings that determine whether the energies are, for example, active and extraverted in the masculine setting, or tolerant and introverted in the feminine setting.

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