4 – ENERGY BODY – part 1

4 – THE ENERGY BODY – its content, source and its three types of energy

4.1 – My theory and the energy body.

Every human body consists of 4 bodies. A physical body, an etheric body, a mental body and an astral body. The physical body is made up of physical matter and the three others consist of three different types of energy – collectively known as the energy body.

The physical bodyis encircled by the etheric body and its energy. The etheric energy is contained inside all of the etheric body and the physical body as well, and extends a couple of centimetres outside the physical body. 

The astral body contains astral energy, or our emotions. The astral body extends from our neck area downwards around our whole physical body. The entire astral body is filled with astral energy which is also inside both the etheric body and the physical body.

The mental body is located both inside and outside the head and contains mental energy, or our thoughts. The mental energy fills out the entire mental body and is also in the part of the astral, etheric and physical body that is contained inside the mental body.

In addition, we have a soul energy which extends downwards from the higher spiritual dimensions and is attached to the innermost part of our bodies.

4.2 – The soul´s origins and the formation of the energy body

At its point of origin, the soul is called the monad.

From the monad´s point of origin or source, a part of the soul travels down through the dimensions to the earthly plane. But before it does so, it creates what you might call a stopping point approximately 30 centimetres  above our heads before attaching itself to our physical bodies. In my theory, I use the terms `the soul´ and `the soul energy´ to describe the process of the monad making this journey.

Our total energy body starts to form when we are very young and grows with us as we grow into adulthood and develop all three of our energy bodies.

Our energy body is actually bigger than the part of it I have chosen to include in my description in this theory. We also have more energy bodies between our lowest energy body and the source of the monad. But I won´t describe the higher energy bodies that exist in these higher dimensions in this theory, but will take it as understood that we have energy bodies in the several layers of higher dimensions that exist above us. Actually it is not strictly accurate to say ’above’ us; I might just as well say deep inside us. But in order to keep it simple, I’ll use the word ’above’ in the presentation.

4.3 – Our Life Plan and the energy body

4.3.1 – The Plan

Before we incarnate in a physical body on earth, we prepare a life plan with the help of our spiritual partners and mentors in the spiritual dimensions. This plan describes the events we will experience, the people we will meet and the tasks we must perform.  So the plan includes both content and purpose.  We are in a continuous dialogue with our mentors and are under their supervision all the time, and once a year, attend a longer ’interview’ to review whether the plan is on track or whether it needs to be adjusted.

4.3.2 The accumulated soul energy

To help us turn this plan into a reality, we have access to different types of energies. We have partial access to the universe´s 12 ray energies. (BAE).

Plus we have our accumulated soul energy in which all our previous experiences and, therefore, skills are stored. (SAE)

We may have had an earlier life in which we were a successful singer and are, therefore, very gifted in this area. But in this incarnation, perhaps we´d like to develop our ability to lead others, so our life plan here will not include any opportunities to make use of our singing talents. However, the ability will nevertheless still be there, stored in our soul energy.

Our soul energy (SAE) therefore consists of an accumulated amount of energy that has been extracted from the 12 basic astral energies (BAE) which I will touch on again later in this film.  And within these energies (SAE) is stored a memory of how we collected them in the past, as we experienced and lived through different things.

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