3 – WHAT MY THEORY IS BASED ON – Purpose, form and perspective – part 1

3 – What my theory is based on

3.1 – The purpose of this theory

The purpose of my theory is to expand the current scientific understanding we have by adding an extra dimension. I´d like to see our scientific understanding embrace  the energies, including them in what we call ’reality’ or the ´physical dimension of life´.

I´d like to see this energy-related part of real life included in future research and I´d like to science to acknowledge how important this energy-related dimension actually is in our daily lives. We could take oxygen, from the periodic table of elements, as an example. We all know that we inhale oxygen all the time, and that oxygen is necessary to keep our system working, even though it is invisible and impossible to grasp hold of. In the same way, the energies – including the astral energies – are also invisible and something we cannot physically hold in our hands, yet they are still real and absolutely essential as our emotional lives cannot function without them. And it is these astral energies that I describe in the table called ‘The Periodic Table of Astral Energy’.

I want to teach people how to feel their inner energies and understand them, and more importantly, how to actively use them. The first step in actively using your energies is to gain an understanding of the role they play in the cause and effect relationship. In practice, this means that when we want to solve the challenges we are presented with in life, or change bad habits that irritate us – we must first  understand that it´s not only our thoughts and actions that are involved in the cause and effect relationship  here. We also need to involve the energies in the equation, when we decide what we should and are able to do to solve these challenges. An equation in which we have the solution we´d like to achieve on one side and the issues we need to work on, on the other.

We all have many purposes in our lives, but in this theory I have chosen the energies and, in particular, the astral energies as the anchoring point for the purpose of life. If you find the final conclusion somewhat vague, then perhaps it might be useful to consider the entire description of my theory as part of the overall conclusion.

3.2 – Presenting my theory

I have chosen to present this theory using a film instead of a written description. Making this film allows me to add extra dimensions to the explanation. Rather like, adding an extra dimension to our understanding of the world! The energy-related dimension.

3.3 – How my perspective relates to other sciences

I´d like this theory about the purpose of life to be one of the pieces that is added to the scientific jigsaw puzzle we are gradually piecing together to help us understand the earth, its inhabitants and the universe around us. I do not want this theory to be simply an instance of isolated input, but hope very much that it will provide a connection between sciences that have not previously been linked to each other.

I´d like my theory to stand alongside:

  • The sciences of biology, chemistry, anatomy etc, including the periodic system, representing etheric energy and physical matter.
  • Theoretical physics, astronomy, mathematics, etc., representing where and how the energies work within us and all around us.
  • Neuroscience representing our inner energy´s physical life.
  • The theory and experiences of chakras, astrology and other sciences, generally referred to as spiritual and esoteric science, representing ancient wisdom.

I´d like as it were, to position my theory somewhere between the humanistic sciences on the one hand and natural sciences on the other, and somewhere between exoteric science and esoteric science. And I will connect these so that in the future we´ll be able not only to understand the physical world, but also the energy-related dimension of the physical world.

But my theory also disputes some sciences. My theory is not entirely compatible with the fields of psychology, physiology, and philosophy.  These fields clearly relate to what my theory is about, but I would say that my theory probes the fundamental understanding that forms the basis of each of their fields of expertise and challenges them at that level.

But, as I said in the beginning, in order to begin seeing things from a new perspective, so that you can understand my theory, you´ll need to ´switch off´ most of your current mindset.

  • In this theory, I don´t discuss religion – so put all thoughts of religion out of your mind, as you watch and listen to my theory.
  • I don´t talk about spiritualism either, in the sense that it is generally used today.  So switch off your current understanding of spiritualism for a while, too.

What I am talking about is the energy-related dimension of the world!  We are made up of energy, our body consists of energy, and we have a soul that is linked to the higher dimensions. Our energy body and our soul energy do not die when our physical body dies. Our original life is not on earth. We originate from higher dimensions and we travel through the earthly dimensions in order to experience and learn.

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