3 – WHAT MY THEORY IS BASED ON – Limitations – part 2

3.4 – Limitations

We do not yet have the words and terminology to describe what I am going to tell about in my theory. But I have tried to describe the theory to the best of my ability using the words I do have and, in one or two places, new words I have invented where necessary.

I also run into problems when trying to put into words the impact the energies can have, as they need to be felt and experienced in real life to discover their true capabilities. They have simply too many dimensions and qualities many for us to be able to do them justice using our two-dimensional language and a few animated figures.  It might have been helpful to include a few more practical examples in the presentation of my theory. But that would have made it too long, so I recommend that you read my books to find examples of how my theory works in practice in real life.

Some of my descriptions are symbolic. The timeframe referring to Lemurian and Atlantis Eras is partly symbolic, the description of the balance line and its fluctuations is also simplified, and lastly, but not least of all, the colours and behaviour of the 12 ray energies are also simplified.

The human race´s and individual´s spiritual levels of development will always limit what is possible to understand. To add to this, the brain´s ability to perceive abstract patterns is still so limited that it is difficult for us to transform the overall sensation we get when we experience the energies into some form of understanding our brain can handle. The energies’ pattern of movement is so abstract, advanced and multi-dimensioned that our brain cannot yet interpret how they appear and even our technical aids cannot yet visualize them. And finally, when it comes to limitations, I have a problem with the words ´emotions’ and ’to feel’ because we all know what emotions are and what they feel like. But nobody really knows what they look like and what form they take. In this film, I´ll try to present my theory on this, but first of all it is important to understand that a feeling is an ENERGY. In other words an actual “thing”, something that is real. And when we feel things, this is a PROCESS.

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