2 – Content


I have divided up this presentation on my theory into the following sections:

  1. The basis for, purpose form and limitations of the theory
  2. What the energy body contains, where it comes from, its three types of energy, and the role of the soul.
  3. The essence of my theory – the astral energy that is in us and around us
  4. The energy ´settings´.
  5. Consciousness – the function that controls the energies that are in and around us
  6. How astral energy is transformed
  7. In conclusion – sources, animals, and research material

My theory is basically about the concept of astral energy and the role it plays in the purpose of our lives – which I address in section 3 of my presentation. But in order to do that, I need to present it in a context that both supports and defines the limitation of astral energy. That´s why this presentation includes the other 6 sections.

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