1 – My Theory on the Purpose of Life – Introduction


Hello, my name is Lone Hjorth and in this film I´d like to present my theory on the purpose of life.

The theory itself is pretty simple. But, of course, it´s only simple once you´ve begun to see things from a new perspective. If you try to understand the theory from the old perspective, based on current scientific understanding, then it´s not simple at all. It may not seem to make sense or may even appear somewhat chaotic.  So let me suggest that you put aside everything you know about science, and clear a little space in your mind to see the world from a new perspective – the energy-related perspective.

As this energy-related perspective changes almost everything about the way we see things, my presentation of this theory could end up being very long indeed! So I have tried to keep this presentation short and simple as it is a lot to take in, but for those of you who´d like to dig deeper, you can see learn more from my books, my You Tube channel and my website.

So this film deals with what I think the purpose of life is all about, and I´d like you to be open and critical, as you learn more about this theory. Not least of all, I hope that you´ll challenge me on my theory, and try it out in your own lives.

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