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I have struggled through the movie Sound of Freedom. As expected, the movie strongly affected me, but in ways different than I had anticipated.

I have seen various reactions to the film, some expressing great concern about what is happening to children. Others express anger and frustration over the authorities’ handling of this issue. I fully agree with the focus on these areas and the need for action.

However, I was personally affected by another aspect of the film, and it is this area that I will try to address in this post. It concerns the culture among men (seen from my female perspective), and therefore, I will start by providing a disclaimer that I am well aware that there are women who commit despicable acts – which are also portrayed in the film. But we must acknowledge that the majority of perpetrators in this field are men.

I will leave it to others to write about women’s role in these crimes against children and instead focus on where action should be taken regarding the masculine culture.

Firstly, I want to emphasize once again that women can be evil and despicable. However, women (and children) are generally considered “weaker” than men. A man’s body and thus a man’s energy are on average about 25% stronger than a woman’s. This factor must be taken into account when trying to understand why these crimes can occur.

But it is not only men’s superior physical strength and energy that sets them apart from women. Men have – surprisingly enough 😊 – more masculine energy within them. From a physical perspective, one would say they have more testosterone, but my perspective always revolves around the energetic aspect. From that perspective, one would say they contain more Mars, Pluto, Uranus, and especially 1st ray energy.

They possess a greater structural proportion of these energies, and the same applies to their size and quantity. These energy capabilities and reservoirs provide fantastic abilities. However, with fantastic abilities come great challenges. For men to be super strong in their energies, it requires them to learn to control them. Being strong requires the ability to manage one’s energies; otherwise, one will be driven by them.

With this post, I want to move towards teaching men to understand the fantastic energetic qualities they possess so that we can identify another area where action needs to be taken to stop crimes against children. When men’s instincts are manipulated/stimulated in a certain direction, the power of their energies creates significant momentum. This can lead, for example, to abusers seeking greater and greater sources of stimulation, which can result in a need for younger and younger children.

However, the influence of men’s energies can also be directed towards other outcomes rather than crimes. They can be directed towards achieving great and fantastic results if efforts are focused on learning how to handle inner energies.

Let’s take the example of the culinary profession. In the past, it was traditionally women who were in the kitchen and responsible for cooking. Women thus influenced the culinary culture in a certain direction, such as sending girls to schools to teach them how to make a perfect sauce. I probably don’t need to elaborate on this further, but think about what happened when men entered the competition to create the best meal. Men’s competitive spirit and masculine creativity certainly contributed to the culinary culture.

I want to incorporate the masculine competitive spirit, creativity, and strength into the area that this post is about, namely:

  1. Learning about and
  2. Managing one’s internal energies.

If men understood the results that come from this work AND if they understood how difficult it is and how much effort and training it takes to become a master, I believe they would not hesitate to channel their ambitions and competitive spirit into this area.


I would like to address one more challenge in the masculine culture’s handling of crimes against children, and it concerns punishment and revenge. The movie – and masculine culture – advocates for the use of revenge and punishment against the men who have committed atrocities against children. And I certainly understand that there is a need for punishment and revenge against the perpetrators. But here is where the men who experience these emotions simply have to understand that if we allow this wheel to keep turning, we will never break free from the karmic cycle in which many people are trapped. Violence is violence – period. Revenge is revenge – period.

I have never been able to understand those who support the death penalty – I simply don’t understand how some people can assume the right to end a life that God has created. But I have had to reconsider my viewpoint on this matter. Things have reached a point where I must surrender to human beings’ abilities to judge and punish. The extent has become too gruesome – so for the first time in my life, I understand and accept if it turns out that these child abusers will be sentenced to death. Because as I see it, there is no one else but God who can take on the ultimate responsibility for judgment and punishment. Therefore, the death penalty would leave the responsibility to God and free humanity from the karmic burden that always arises in the wake of feelings of punishment and revenge.

However, I am not completely resolved; I still seek personal enlightenment from the spiritual side regarding this matter.


We are facing a completely new era, and for that to be possible, the collective masculine culture must elevate its vibration. It does not need to be infused with feminine energy, as I often hear people say. The collective masculine culture simply needs to take responsibility for itself, its collective, a man’s internal energies – just as much as an individual’s internal energies.

By that, I mean that men need to look inward instead of fighting all their battles on the external physical plane. They should direct their strength, ambition, and creativity inward and learn what is happening within themselves. Afterward, they should find other men with whom they can share their experiences. Far too many men have been influenced by women throughout their lives and have had their original masculine abilities suppressed. On the other hand, other aspects of society have exploited this void and stimulated these suppressed abilities to manifest in violent sports or video games.

Men must get to know their inner powers and energies – that is where, in my opinion, action should be taken as well.


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