Energies behind non-verbal language

What our non-verbal language is

When we have conversations we all speak a non-verbal language all the time. When we express our self verbally the words are followed by an underlying layer that is consisting of our non-verbal signals. These signals contain what we feel and think and they are expressed even though they are not put into word. When we say something to a person this person may not perceive the exact content of our thoughts and feelings but they receive the energy from them. Our non-verbal language is therefore consisting of our emotional and mental energy.

Where our non-verbal language play a part

If we say something verbally that isn’t in compliance with what we feel inside there will occur a disharmony in the energy between our verbal communication and our non-verbal communication. This will make the conversation messed and the receiver will be confused or will not understand what we say or will not believe what we say.

Why non-verbal language is important

When we communicate the purpose is to understand each other. If we are not aware of the importance of the non-verbal language from our self and from the person we talk to we will only be conscious about half of what is said and heard in the conversation.

How to develop our non-verbal language

We can learn about our non-verbal language by getting more conscious about what we feel and think. By telling the truth or at least not say things that we don’t mean and feel, we can harmonize our verbal and non-verbal language and thereby we can send clear messages.

As a listener to verbal and non-verbal messages we can become more aware about what we pick up from the non-verbal signals we receive and learn to trust what we pick up.

Besides practicing to be conscious about what we feel and think we must also examine the different layers of our feelings and thoughts. Many children have been told not to be sad and cry, not to be angry and not to express a lot of their feelings and thoughts in general. When we grow up under such circumstances we can end up bury our feelings in our sub consciousness. Some feelings may also end up hidden away because our parents couldn’t deal with them. There are many reasons why we hide our feelings and thoughts which make them end up being buried on top of each other and crate many layers inside us.

A wonderful way to find your hidden emotions is working with horses. Horses are herd animals and when they communicate in the herd they use their emotionally energies. They express very clear about being comfortable, irritated or angry. Horses communicate constantly in the herd and it is shown in both body language and energetic expression. When we try to connect with horses they will immediately respond to the emotions that are active inside us. If we are scared they will try to be careful with us. If we are angry they will go away. Of course the horses must have the opportunity to go away so the condition must be right before we can try this work and try to connect with the horse to let them help us discover our hidden emotions.

The outcome of a well-developed non-verbal language

We can gain a lot from harmonizing our verbal and non-verbal language. Besides that people have better chances for understanding what we say and that we can send our messages with more power, we will also develop a lot of self-knowledge, wisdom and courage.  It takes courage to be honest. It needs wisdom to avoid lying. It isn’t always the best to tell the truth because it can hurt some people. By being honest or not lying we become the authentic version of our self. It makes us good company and other people will enjoy more to be with us. People will listen more careful and intense to what we say.

If we start to listen to both the words and the nonverbal language and respond respectfully to both of them, we can develop much more interesting dialogs and become much wiser.

It we contain a lot of love in us we can fill our non-verbal language with this energy and people that hear what we say will receive our love. This way we can fill more love into the world and planet Earth will be a better place to live for all of us.

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