Message from the Kingdom of Animal Spirits – January 23, 2024

The Swans


Dear humans,

You are all going through significant changes in your lives and in your society. You stand on the threshold of entering a time where the energy of the Aquarius is more prominent. In relation to this energy, we, the ones sending you this message, have a message for you.

Firstly, you need to understand that we—those conveying this message—do not live in physical incarnation on Earth. We reside where the swans, like those you see on Earth, exist between their incarnations. Additionally, we are connected to the central realm where all animals have their soul origins.

We perceive everything from a higher perspective, and we see things in a slightly different way than humans do. This is due to the way we are energetically constructed and the abilities and experiences we possess.

Our message to you is rooted in the sense of community. Although we are not herd animals when incarnated on Earth, we typically live alone for a period and often form pairs and have offspring. Like all animals, we are deeply connected to our soul and spiritual origin, and through that connection, we feel strongly linked and part of a large, powerful community.

We know that the experiences we undergo in an earthly incarnation directly influence the collective spiritual consciousness of swans. Therefore, we take our lives very seriously. Even though we may appear aggressive towards each other and sometimes towards humans during an earthly incarnation, we feel a great responsibility towards the collective spiritual community.

Understand that as humans begin to feel the influence of the Aquarius energy, you don’t need to constantly be in community with others. Aquarius and Uranus energies are strongly associated with the spiritual plane, and that is where you need to connect with your energy. By doing so, it will always reflect in your physical life and spread through your collective spiritual consciousness.

One of the swans’ most cherished abilities is grace, beauty, and aesthetic prominence. We strive to embody these energetic qualities in everything we do. Even when we hiss at someone who comes too close, we do it with our grace intact. This is crucial to us because it is one of the special qualities of our species. Other animals may be rough and not graceful at all, yet they have their own unique qualities. This is true for all animal species. None are better than others—all are part of the central spiritual animal realm, each possessing its own qualities.

We all – both humans and animals – desire spiritual development, and we achieve this by descending into physical incarnations and transforming energies on this plane. This elevates energies to a higher and finer frequency and integrates them into the individual and collective spiritual plane. The drive towards development is the deepest impulse for all of us. Finding the ‘right’ path towards finer frequencies is not always easy, but it is also part of the developmental path. You can live your entire life believing you are progressing towards higher energy states and find yourself jumping in place. Life is indeed whimsical. However, do not mistake that all experiences ultimately accumulate as lessons on the soul level—and that is always important. No experiences are wasted effort.

Earth, its inhabitants, and its surroundings are on the verge of taking a giant step from an ‘old’ world to a ‘new’ world. We wish to offer our assistance to you in this transition. What you need to do is visualize a swan in your inner vision during meditation. Then – shift your focus away from sight, and instead tune into the swan’s energy. When you do this—while activating the energy in your heart—we will connect our energy with yours. Our energy is in the new world, and by connecting in this way, we will collectively build a bridge from the old world to the new world, where higher energy will flow from our side to yours. This will act as stepping stones for you to progress towards the new world.

So, release the sight from your physical eyes and the third eye, and keep your energy lit in the heart while feeling our energy. Our energy will be sensed as a feeling of beauty, grace, and dignity. Especially, dignity is crucial to have in these times of much suffering. Development—and thus energy elevations—are painful, and they are much easier to undergo with dignity. Let the feeling of dignity be your energetic bridge to the new world, and feel free to lean on our energy for support. Move towards the new world through the aid of your inner energies and know that every step you take will affect humanity’s collective consciousness, contributing to the implementation of the Age of Aquarius and thus the new world.

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