This is yet another post revolving around the new energies that dominate the world at present. We have a foot inside the Age of Aquarius, and since 2008, Pluto has been working to break down the old structures in our society. Now is the time for it to take hold in the sign of Aquarius. This sign conveys – and thus serves as a gateway/channel for the energy we also know from Uranus. What I’m trying to describe in this and my previous post is about the qualities that Uranus energy possesses and thus aspects of our inner selves that are influenced by the influx of energy from Uranus.

In the previous post, I wrote about Uranus’s influence on our nervous system and brain, and another aspect of Uranus deals with the urge to rebel. A desire that arises deep from within us after we’ve been influenced by Uranus and gives us an enormous desire to fight for our freedom from all oppression and abuse of power. It’s actually a deeply instinctual urge within us, which has been strongly suppressed by the elite that has governed the world for many years. So, we carry a pressure within ourselves after many years of suppression, and this is ignited by the Uranus energy.

I’m from Denmark and would like to mention a few examples of how this pressure manifests itself in our country.

1 – On Facebook/Meta, there have been circulating fake ads using well-known TV hosts as bait to get people to click on the ad. It’s very extensive, and two major TV channels as well as several newspapers have collectively tried to contact Meta’s management. It has proven to be completely impossible, so now they have started a campaign with ads and films to draw attention to their problem, but their wording is: “They will no longer lend their faces to fake news.” I have seen several posts on Facebook where this campaign message is shared, and in the comment threads, there is not much sympathy to be found from the country’s citizens. In one post, I saw 125 replies and only 2 of them supported the media – the rest of the responses were critical and believed that the media for long had lent their faces to fake news.

2 – There is a large group of media employees from a major media conglomerate who have written a collective letter to their top management. The employees are dissatisfied with the fact that the top management has distributed very large bonuses to themselves while there is great pressure on the media workers’ daily financial management and many positions have been eliminated.

3 – We have some grotesque situations in our tax collection system, where a citizen has been billed property tax for all 16 houses on the street and not just for the citizen’s own house. Unfortunately, the tax collection cannot guarantee to correct the error, and the citizen must therefore also expect it to happen again at the next billing. So, the citizen must collect the money from the other residents on the street themselves; tax collection will not help. This has prompted one of our stand-up comedians to post about the matter, and he addresses the issue in a humorous way, also saying that if tax collection cannot guarantee that the matter will be resolved quickly, then we/the people cannot guarantee that we won’t take to the streets with pitchforks and torches in protest.

All three examples are signs that people are dissatisfied with our societal organizations and leadership. It’s the people’s rebellion against the elite. It’s Uranus, which wants a bottom-up governed society and no longer a top-down governed society. And such changes do not occur through calm negotiations in comfortable surroundings. Such changes are achieved through revolutions and rebellions.


Sometimes I see that people misunderstand the element of Uranus/Aquarius energy, which is about us standing together. They think we should agree on everything and from there provide a counterbalance to the elite. We certainly should NOT agree on much – only that we will no longer tolerate oppression. It’s the rebellious feeling that we should let the Uranus energy ignite within us. Not the cool and rational overview – we should ignite power and fire within us. But of course, we should not become physically violent – that does not belong in the Age of Aquarius. Here we are wise and mature enough to solely bear the rebellion energy without needing to resort to physical aggression.

In the Age of Aquarius, we don’t need to agree because we will live in much smaller units and have much more self-governance. Therefore, we basically just need to manage to agree with the small group of people we live in the village, community, or other form of local community with. Uranus energy also brings along a lot of new technology, and these will make the small communities possible in a completely new way. But maybe more about technology will be covered in another post about Uranus energy.


As usual, I will end my words with an encouragement for you to do your daily energy work. That way, Uranus energy is allowed to penetrate your inner self and take root inside. This way, your rebelliousness comes from deep within yourself – and that is always the best way to rebel.

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