Clear Thinking

“Just trust in science and the experts” is an expression I’ve heard many times – especially in the last 4 years. And I believe in science, so I took what the experts said in March 2020 about corona very seriously. But I also delved deeper into the subject and started asking questions. In the years before 2020, I had immersed myself in various topics, including 9/11. So I was prepared to listen to science, but I also demanded answers to my, in my opinion, quite reasonable and logical questions.

Many people in my surroundings simply didn’t understand why I acted the way I did. They said I should trust in science and the experts – which is exactly what I do… or did. I had a lot of confidence in them and thought that when they shut down the country and demanded people to isolate, they must really know what they’re doing. And I’ll come back to this later in this post. First, let’s talk about energies for a moment.

As usual, my posts have three perspectives – 3D, 4D, and 5D. 3D is the physical dimension, 4D is 3D + one more dimension, namely the energetic, and 5D is when you include the spiritual aspect in the perspectives. Translated to the time of Corona, the narrative in 3D was that there was a dangerous virus at play and that we had to keep our distance, wear masks, sanitize our hands, and get vaccinated. Those were the purely physical things we had to deal with. But then there was also the 4th dimension – the emotional energies. That is, the fear that most people were caught up in when they heard about Corona.

Now let’s return to 3D science and the experts. Because when I started asking questions and wanted to discuss the answers I got from authorities and media – people couldn’t focus when I talked about my arguments. I was able to think very clearly and wondered why people couldn’t understand what I was saying. I could talk to highly educated and reasonable people, and they simply couldn’t think scientifically clearly and understand what I was saying. I’ll get back to why they couldn’t think clearly – but first, let me outline the science in this matter.

In September 2020, a man in Denmark sent a request for access to information to the SSI. SSI is part of the Danish authorities and was the professional advisor on the virus – namely SARS-CoV-2. The man asked for documentation of the virus’s existence, which is a completely logical scientific approach. In science, information is handled by documenting it. Researchers must create research plans and present them along with their results, and this is done precisely to control the research. Other researchers must have the opportunity to verify the results shown by the research.

Demanding documentation of the virus’s existence is one of the most scientific and logical things I can imagine – especially when you use the virus’s danger to shut down an entire country. That is why I was very surprised when I read the response from SSI, in which they stated that they did not have any documentation. I took this response to the Danish state media organization, DR, and asked them to investigate the matter. If science didn’t have its documentation in place in such an important matter, then the press had to step in and demand that it be put in place. If it was a mistake on SSI’s part, they could just obtain the documentation when they realized it wasn’t in the archives. But the DR media organization told me that they saw no reason to intervene in the matter and said that I should just trust the experts, just like they did. There was no reason not to trust the experts, was their argument…

If you can think clearly at this point, you can probably see how absurd this case is. And, if we ignore that the media may be controlled by the cabal and only focus on science, then the lack of documentation is the first and most important piece we should address. If the official authorities don’t have their documentation in place – then it’s NOT SCIENCE. If you can’t document the existence of the virus, you’ve broken the most fundamental rule of science, and there’s actually no reason to discuss further. This documentation is part of the foundation of the house of cards that has been built over the past four years with more and more cards stacked on top. If you focus on this fundamental card at the bottom of the structure and DEMAND that the documentation be presented in a legally scientific manner by the experts and authorities – then we can talk about science and credibility. Until then, clear and logical thinking yields only one result – you can’t trust the authorities and the press over the last 4 years. And yes, I know many will say – well, I already knew that. And then I ask – can you prove it “scientifically”? I can – I have all the documents and correspondence on my Danish website (I’m from Denmark).

I’m not exceptional at all – many people have very strong documentation showing that many public authorities and the press did not act based on a scientific approach. This is undoubtedly documentation that the world is soon ready to see and address in a logical and scientific way – now that the fear has subsided – but more on that in the next section.

That was my explanation from a 3D scientific perspective – let me now step into the 4D perspective again and write a bit about why it suddenly became impossible for people to think clearly and logically and why they couldn’t understand why I cared so much about the documentation.

It became impossible to think clearly because everyone was terrified.

And the media and authorities spread fear every single day. And when you’re that scared, the astral/emotional energies take over the show and simply override the ability to use mental energies and therefore the ability to think clearly.

Most people actually know this – but when you translate this into the 4D energetic language, you have ‘scientifically proven’ the hierarchy of energies. A worldwide experiment was conducted from March 2020, and 80-90% of the population believed in science and the experts without asking questions – and without being able to understand other people around them who did ask questions. Their logical thinking ability was overridden by the activity of their emotions.

Transfer it to the common understanding of psychology, where it is often said that it’s thoughts that create emotions. Then you can probably see that the worldwide experiment has proven that it’s the opposite. Emotions create thoughts – or prevent thoughts. Because if emotions are strongly activated, you become unable to think clearly.

When I want to emphasize this, it’s because it’s the foundation of all my material. But the topic is so extensive that it cannot be elaborated further in this post – otherwise, the post will be too long. But I will conclude with the 5D perspective – that is, why we had to go through this whole period with strongly activated emotions.

From a 5D perspective, the higher meaning of the process tells us that as a collective, we are going through an ascension. The energy state of the Earth and humanity must be raised in frequency, so they go from the vibration level in 3D to the vibration level in 5D. Raising one’s energies is not a logical process – it’s a transformation process. When energies have to go from one state to another – they have to be ‘transformed’.

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