As many surely experience, times have become chaotic both internally and externally. All sorts of issues boil in our external world, whether it’s the political landscape, the weather, or gearing up for war, etc. At the same time, I see countless posts about people who ‘can’t take it anymore’, can’t sleep well, are stressed, exhausted, etc.

Therefore, it might be good to outline a few things. We are undergoing a collective transformation that will lead us to a completely new world. This process requires us to learn a whole lot of new things, but it also involves rebuilding ourselves internally. Our old internal energy structure doesn’t fit the new world, and in fact, this structure is the fuel for the fire burning within all of us, burning down the old and pushing us toward the new world.

Many have learned a lot of new things in the last 4 years, replacing the many lies spread in the world. But it’s knowledge and information, something that needs to be stored in our brain’s memory bank. So it’s not just our internal bodily energy structure that needs to be rebuilt – our brains need it too. I’ll come back to that later in the post.

First, I’ll just repeat the information I’ve said countless times before. What’s happening in the world is a massive energy bombardment from all sides. This is happening so that the world and all people are upgraded to the new world. That’s the primary thing happening. The secondary thing is that we need to learn something completely new about the world. But we can only absorb the new information as we get energetically rebuilt. So, you should read a lot – but you should make sure to do your energy work so that the incoming energies have room to settle within you.

If you want to get things moving, then prioritize your search for information lower and focus primarily on those informations that come up for you naturally. Then feel what they do to you. Anything that stresses or affects you emotionally in any way, that’s where the gold is buried. That’s where the energy tensions that you need to transform are found. They simply come to you; you just have to notice them. But they’re not pleasant, so most people try to push them away. Don’t do that – dive into them. It could be your employer challenging you, a collaborator annoyed with you, a partner angry at you, etc. All these emotional challenges are little gifts tailored to you.

That’s the emotional side of things – and then there’s Uranus. Uranus has been in the sign of Taurus for over 6 years now, working and preparing many things. And recently, Pluto entered the sign of Aquarius, which is the same type of energy as Uranus. Pluto has conquered the first two degrees of the sign of Aquarius and is now starting to go retrograde. So, we’ve received the energy combination that occurs when Pluto and Aquarius meet in two out of a total of 30 degrees. This will continue for many years. A couple of degrees forward and a bit backward. At the same time, Uranus will finish its work in the sign of Taurus and leave it next year. So, the Uranus influence isn’t stopping anytime soon – it’s actually just getting started.

Translated into my language, this means the following. Our earthly plane (Taurus/Venus) has been electrified by the energy of Uranus, which is a kind of high-voltage energy. It connects to the highest planes and is incredibly strong, creating a channel from the ‘high’ to the ‘low’ earthly. Through this, flows a current stronger than we’ve ever experienced before. This electrifies our emotions, as I began this post with. But it also electrifies our brain and the rest of the nervous system.

When Pluto enters the Uranus energy in the sign of Aquarius, our old nervous system’s condition is seared, burning away the old and allowing only what should remain to survive. The old nervous system has long been limited by the way our society has been built. But Pluto has thoroughly worked through that when it visited Saturn’s sign, Capricorn, since 2008. Here, it burned down many societal structures, which also affected our internal.

Now Uranus energy comes with the big update, blowing into our brain and nervous system. This means our perception system is affected. Our experience of time becomes different. Our ability to sense and feel the world is upgraded. When Uranus’ energy flows in and Pluto has burned down the old, there is room for some of our higher consciousness to travel down and come down to our body. And it can REALLY feel overwhelming and ignite many emotions in us. It’s a process that psychiatry might call paranoid or schizophrenic. It’s tough to have our nervous system’s potential expanded – especially when we live in the world as it is now.

So, whether we’re talking about Uranus’ work on our nervous system or activating the many emotions, it’s all about energy. Uranus is a planetary energy, our nervous system is our internal energy infrastructure, and both emotions and thoughts are energies. Therefore, there is no better advice than to make sure to do your energy work daily. Then many other things in your life will work much better.

Regarding Uranus’ influence on the external, try to see the weather these days. I have continuously posted pictures and links with lightning, hail, flooding, volcanic eruptions, etc. One can consider this as Gaia regulating her internal energetic pressure as Uranus sends its energies down through the planet or through Pluto in Aquarius. Gaia is a large energy system being upgraded by the larger energy system around her – namely, the Universe. We each are our own energy system, connected to both Gaia and the Universe, and we all need pressure relief. This is created when we do our energy work. It’s a bit like holding your nose with your mouth closed and blowing when flying.

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