Is it possible to increase your sensitivity?


Yes, but some would probably ask why on earth would you want to do that. And yes, it can be extremely troublesome and unpleasant to be highly sensitive, especially considering the way our world is developing today. None the less, there are many advantages in being highly sensitive, and thus also in working with increasing your sensitivity.

To start with, let me emphasis that some sensitive people are quiet, introvert, reserved and careful. However, sensitive people exist in as many varieties as non-sensitive people and love talking, lots of activities, being boisterous and embarking on lots of new projects. Being highly sensitivity does not make a person either one thing or another.

When I talk of sensitivity, it has to do with the nervous system being extremely delicate and active. It registers and senses the surroundings very strongly and multi-faceted. And that is an advantage, because:

  • In a dialogue when you see and hear things multi-faceted, you register an increased number of angles and details. You also have the opportunity of achieving increased insight into the subject of dialogue.
  • When you try an activity, you experience it more intensely. Therefore you need not constantly strive for increasingly powerful extremes; it is possible to achieve the same experience through less.
  • When you experience togetherness with other people, it is possible to experience the intimacy and the feelings increasingly stronger and thus you have the opportunity of experiencing life stronger.

I experience that a lot of people strive to increase their insight, to experience more intensely and feel all the glories of life – and therefore it is a good idea to attempt increasing your sensitivity.

In my outlook on life, intuition is a more advanced tool than the intellect, because intuition provides access to a much greater perspective. If you want to develop and learn to use your intuition more actively and consciously, it is necessary to develop and train you sensitivity.

But yes, it is troublesome being highly sensitive. Our society is extremely noisy and our sensitivity is disturbed by noise. I would like to write that it IS possible to find places that are agreeable to highly sensitive persons. There are places but they are very few and society seems only to go one way between noise and tranquillity – towards more and more noise. So for the time being, it is difficult, as a highly sensitive person, to live in our society, but I hope when an increased number of people realize the advantage of developing their sensitivity that more places with respect for sensitive needs will be created.

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