Energy Work

In this post, I’ll provide you with various advice on how to engage in energy work – but first, let me explain a bit about why you should do it. In reality, you are an energy system that fills your entire body and extends well beyond it. Yes, you have/are a physical body – but hierarchically, the energy body ranks higher, with the physical body lower. This means that what happens in your physical body is a result of what has happened in your energy body.

You can find many more details in my books, films, etc., but I’ll briefly outline that within your energy body, you have three types of energy and your soul energy. The three types of energy are astral energies, which are your emotions – mental energies, which are your thoughts – and etheric energies, which are an energy structure that is a copy of your physical body. You can see in the image at the bottom of the post where these energies reside within you, and you can see much more in the film under the ‘science’ tab on my website.

So, these are the types of energy found in a human – and then there are the lives of energies, external influences, development, movements, etc. The energies within you are not static; they are constantly in motion and partially interact with your consciousness and your sensory abilities – and they interact with everything around you. Additionally, various energies flow toward you from the Sun, planets, the Earth, etc. Some of this can be interpreted through astrology, but we are influenced by more than what we are currently able to interpret in astrology.

You will thus have your daily experiences, from which you are energetically influenced. But there is also a program running inside you that drives the path of your life’s development. This program is the plan you laid out on a soul level before incarnating into your physical body. This program can be read to a limited extent in your birth chart. Additionally, you will be surrounded by spiritual helpers and your guardian angel(s).

If you imagine yourself as this energy system in the described environment containing the mentioned program, you can see the vast energetic activity within your body. When you live your daily life, you use your energies. You feel, think, and act in response to what you encounter in your life. This means you activate many energies, and this reduces the flow significantly. This means that if you have a lot of planetary energies active in your horoscope that need to enter and update your body, these energies may have difficulty getting through and doing their work if you use your entire energy body’s capacity for your daily tasks.

To make room for incoming energies that come to update us and to allow your energy body’s own healing and cleansing system to function optimally, you must give yourself quiet moments where you provide the energies from outside and your own energy body the best and most optimal conditions to do their work.

Here, I describe different types of energy work that one can do, and afterward, I have included link to exercises that you can find in my work. They are all free.

Body Scan

This is a type of energy work that typically occurs while lying down. You can do it yourself without guidance, but you can also use audio files that guide you through all parts of the body. In this way, you follow the guidance with your consciousness and let go of your emotions and thoughts for a while.

Breathing Meditation

This is a type of meditation where you simply sit still and focus on your breath. You can sit for as long as you like, and every time you start to think, you simply redirect your attention back to your breath.

Guided Exercises

There are many types of guided exercises that help you travel through your inner self in different ways. Here, you also ‘lock’ your consciousness away from your thoughts and feelings and allow the body to work while you listen to the guidance.

Teaching Exercises

I have created various audio files that can teach you to travel through your inner planes and feel the different types of energies and how they can act in different ways.

Feeling Emotional Activities

This is the most important and central type of energy work found in all my material. It is the type of energy work that transforms energies – typically astral ones – from one stage to a higher stage or from one frequency to a higher frequency. You can read more about energy transformation by searching on my website, and it’s a type of work that I would recommend everyone to learn about and learn to perform.


This is thus an overview of the very basic types of exercises within energy work. And when you become skilled in doing energy work, you will automatically connect with your body in an entirely new way. You will be able to start noticing the difference between the various types of energy, feel when they are active, and you will be able to live with an expanded awareness of the energies in your daily life.

I call this opening to the 4th dimension. Most people currently live in a 3D reality, and when you involve the energetic dimension in your life, you open to one more dimension and therefore live in 4D. The difference between a life in 3D and 4D is enormous, and different rules apply – but you can read more about that elsewhere in my material.

Links to meditations: Lone Hjorth – YouTube

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