“We are all connected… – but how and with whom?”

You have probably heard the expression that ‘we are all connected’ many times, and we all likely have our own ideas about how we are connected. In this post, you can read my explanation of how we are connected, but I also touch on other things about energies – because in reality, ‘it’s all about the energies’ and it is also through them that we are all connected.

If we start with God – who created the world, then we can ask, what did he actually create? What is the world actually made of? And yes, he created humans, animals, nature, and everything else – but he also gave it life, and God did that with energies.

One could say that the physical 3D world in which we live is a ‘raw material’ created by God so that souls have a training ground to reside in to become more skilled and develop themselves. God has his goals with what God creates – and I humbly will not attempt to describe that. I will make my description from my own soul’s residence in a physical body.

When one begins to explore one’s inner energies, one can discern many things – including the physical dimension (3D), the energetic dimension (4D), and the spiritual and soul dimension (5D). So, I can feel the difference between the different energies and can also feel how my personality energy structure gradually evolves – but also breaks down so that I live my life more and more from a state of being in my soul’s energy.

Each soul originates from God and, when we descend into a physical body, the energies in this physical body will separate us from each other. These energy structures will – and should be different – because it is this construction that provides dynamics and development in the soul’s experience through earthly life. But our soul originates from the same source – and therefore we are all connected.

All energies interact, and energy structures in us are sometimes planned to become very connected with others on Earth. When we, on a soul level, make a plan to form a couple with another person and have children – then the energy structures in the parties involved will be strongly connected.


Maybe you have also heard another expression, namely that ‘you can change your world through your thoughts.’ And you can, but, as I wrote in my post #4, our experience of life is built on the astral energies that give us the EXPERIENCE of life. Thoughts and other energetic structures form the framework for us to EXPERIENCE life through our emotional energies, which are the astral energies.

Now imagine if you became able to control your thoughts and create a completely new reality – why would you do that? When you are in life the way you are, it has been according to a plan that you have laid on the soul level and that you as a soul want to experience. Why would you then wish for a different reality? – in your next life, you as a soul can simply choose this new reality.

The fact is, whether we like it or not, we have created the life we ​​live, and thus we have chosen exactly the challenges we face right now. However, there is a special condition in this life, and it is about the Earth’s ascension. Because this time in history involves this ascension, many people have probably agreed to some tasks that we would not dare to undertake in an ‘ordinary’ incarnation. It is a demanding task that we souls have undertaken in this life, and most have probably felt pushed to the edge at times. And when we have really been pushed, it has probably often been because our body has been used otherwise. And here I am not thinking of parasites, although they are also at play – here I am thinking of the higher powers who have had to ensure that the plan for Earth was completed and therefore have needed many channels – because that is also what a physical body is.


And then I will end this post with the most beautiful way, in my opinion, that we are connected, and it’s about the animals.

Start by remembering that you are an energy system consisting of 3 types of energies. Etheric energy – equivalent to your physical body. Mental energy – which corresponds to your thoughts. And then there are the astral energies – which correspond to your emotions and which animals communicate through. Many believe that they must teach animals to be more like humans in order for them to learn to communicate together – by, for example, expressing verbal words. But animals already communicate to an enormous extent – both with humans and among animals. They communicate simply non-verbally through the astral energies. This is easiest to describe by explaining what happens at my courses with horses.

A course with horses takes place with the participant staying outside the paddock and the horses inside the paddock. There are several horses in the paddock, and they can move freely around and thus both towards and away from the participant. I start the session by helping the participant to become grounded and get out of the thoughts and into the body. While we do this exercise, the horses begin to pay attention to what is ‘being said’. Because as the participant gets out of the head and away from the mental energies, and gets into the body – and thus in contact with the astral energies – the horses begin to listen, because that is the language they speak. So, they speak through emotional energies.

The horses start to interact as soon as the participant is ‘in their body’s astral energies’, and then the participant will start to have different emotional experiences internally. It is difficult for humans to interpret what is happening – because we humans are so unused to being aware of the non-verbal astral language. Both what we encounter in others and what we radiate ourselves. Everyone actually knows this language – they just are not very aware that they have it and use it. Imagine entering a room where there is a person you know well. Have you not tried to take a quick look at the person and then been able to read their mood? When you can do that, it’s because you pick up and read the astral/emotional energies radiating from the person. All this happens without anyone saying anything verbally. That is what happens with the horses and is thus the language that horses and other animals speak.

So, we should not primarily connect mentally with animals, not physically either – but rather through our astral / emotional energies. Then they are ready to speak with us on a wild and deep level that surprises most people who try it.

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