8 – Transformation

8 – TRANSFORMATION – of astral energy

8.1 – Transformation of Astral Energy – the Process

As I touched on in my description of the 12 rays, in our life plan, we all have pre-planned events that will take place in the early stages of our lives,  which activate astral work energy (AWE) in us.

This state – of being blocked – will continue until we reach a stage in our life plan where the plan now dictates that we start working to dissolve the obstacle that is blocking our energy so we can unlock it.

During this phase of our life plan, we awaken and activate the astral work energy that is locked and, once that energy is brought back to life and can be felt, the transformation that allows it to be processes and released from its blocked state will take place.

The process itself – of feeling and transforming these emotional energies – is extremely strong and deep.

The transformation of astral work energy takes place in our body when we FEEL the energies. To take an example: as a child you may have been extremely lonely, and that emotion expressed itself in the stomach region. During your teenage years and early years of adulthood, perhaps you had many friends and were busy studying, working, having a family, etc. At some point later on, something happens to trigger that old feeling of loneliness. It might be a divorce, a death, losing your job, your children leaving home, or something along those lines. The feeling of loneliness you experienced as a child is still there in the form of old blocked energy and the new loneliness you feel now presses down on the all that old, blocked energy resulting in different kinds of pain and discomfort in the stomach region.

The transformation process is often very painful, but it is only by going through this process of suffering that we travel down to the lower layers and then up to the upper layers of the range of emotions. And we gather karmic fruit for our soul energy (SAE). Karmic fruit corresponds to astral energy you have worked through that contains a memory made up of all your emotional experiences.

This can best be described by imagining that when you have experienced difficult, even traumatising experiences early on in life, the locked astral work energies (AWE) get deposited like crystals somewhere inside your physical body. But when you FEEL the pain and discomfort in this part of the body, you grind these crystals down into the finest stardust. Dust which we take with us in our soul energy (SAE) when we die. When we FEEL the energies, we neither act nor speak. We simply go through the suffering itself, and that is what the transformation process is about.

When the soul is ’young’ and going through the first 700 incarnations, normally there is not sufficient time to transform the blocked states that were created, in adult life. And they are often repeated again and again during the adult lives in life after life through many incarnations. Once you reach the 70 incarnations, the tempo of the transformation of these blocked states increases, and becomes even faster during the last 7 incarnations. But suffering you go through in the transformations process is consistent with your ability to deal with it, as you get better and better at handling the pain.

8.2 – Transformation of Astral Energy – Individual and Collective

Old locked astral work energy (AWE) can be compared to what is often referred to as karma. We create it and accumulate it on an individual level, but it is also all around us on a collective level. It can be in our family, in our neighbourhood, in our country, and so on.

Our life plan may include new and old, individual and collective astral work energy (AWE), which we have planned to have transformed. And we can take on an even greater burden by transforming the karma of other souls or even collective karma Remember that dissolving the karma will always result in a positive increase of soul energy (SAE). But it is hard work that involves a great deal of suffering.

8.3 – Transformation of astral energy –why is it necessary

The reason for transforming astral energy is basically to ’grind’ the crystals in the body created by conditions in the astral work energies into crystallised dust and integrate it into our soul energy (SAE). By going through this process of suffering, each individual soul energy (SAE) will evolve further and move on to a higher level of development, and from here, gain access to new spiritual dimensions. This is not something I can describe in this theory, it is something each individual soul must experience for itself.

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