5.4 – THE ASTRAL ENERGIES – The Properties of the 12 Rays

5.4 – The Properties of the 12 Rays

The universe around us consists of 12 basic energies and these energies are both in us and around us and are one of the most important basic substances we are given to work with during an incarnation. But they also return with the soul energy when our physical body dies.

Earlier on in the history of the earth, we only had access to the three first ray energies.

Later on, we were able to access 4 more and those 7 ray energies in total are the ones to which we have had access to up until now.

But in the time we live in now, we are going to be given access to another 5 rays.

There is plenty of literature available that describes the first 7 ray energies, and the 5 that have recently arrived are described in representative words which I have received via my spiritual connections.

  1. Will, Purpose and Power
  2. Love and Wisdom
  3. Active Intelligence
  4. Harmony through Conflict
  5. Concrete Knowledge or Science
  6. Devotion or Idealism
  7. Ceremonial Order and Structure
  8. Spiritual opening
  9. Spiritual connection
  10. Spiritual purpose
  11. Spiritual unity
  12. Mysticism, Isolation, aloneness, inner power; the step before the next rays

From now on, and for many years to come, we will have access to all 12 ray energies, but other planets in our galaxy have access to even more rays.

As the colours in ’The Table of Astral Energy’ show, energies can be described using a kind of scale in which the qualities of the energy are described as ´slightly developed’ at one end all the way up to ’highly-developed’ at the other. The higher the degree of development, the lighter the pastel colour. This is a symbolic representation, as a ray energy is far more advanced than any colour can show, and even the colours that are chosen are also symbolic. Each ray contains, in fact, all the colours.

The 12 ray energies (BAE) is in us and is stored in our soul energy (SAE) from earlier experiences. The rays energies (BAE) streams into us from many sources, but the astrological conditions in particular influence their ability to enter us. The outer planets are a great source of this streaming of higher astral energy, while our personal astral energy that is in and around us comes from and is activated by the inner planets.

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