5.6 – THE ASTRAL ENERGIES – The 12 rays in and around the body

5.6 – The 12 rays in and around the body

When we incarnate into a physical body, our soul energy (SAE) contains all the astral energies we possess from past experiences in former lives.  I´ll come back to just how this transformation of the energies takes place later. But first I´d like to show you how the 12 ray energies interact in our energy body.

When our soul energy (SAE) travels down into the physical body, wanting to live out the life plan made for that incarnation, specific parts of the 12 ray energies have been chosen to workwith. The basic material is always the 12 ray energies but by combining the ray energies, we can create many different types of energies to use in our work with this life plan.

In the first phases of life, a number of experiences and crises will be triggered and this will activate astral energies according to the plan for the incarnation. The outcomes will be different, but they will all more or less end up in a state of being locked or blocked in some way, and these provide the foundation for the work that has to be done in the rest of that life.

Let me give you an example. You may have experienced some kind of breach involving one of your parents in the earlier stage of this life. This may mean that you find it difficult to trust new people you meet, and if you try, you will often be let down. This will go on happening until you work through and transform the energy that became locked during that first episode when your trust was breached.

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