5.5 – THE ASTRAL ENERGIES – The Balance Line and the range of emotional potential

5.5 – The Balance Line and the range of emotional potential

We all possess a kind of balance line that corresponds to the frequency of our emotional energy. This line corresponds to the emotional state that can be described as calm, where no emotions have been activated.  On either side of this line, the astral energy has a range in which it can expand, into what we might call 7 lower layers and 7 upper layers. The energy can only ascend to the corresponding level it has gone down to. So to reach the 4th upper level of love, you may, for example need to have descended to the 4th level of anger.

The range of emotions always remains constant at 7 lower and 7 upper layers, but the balance line is raised in line with our personal development. And our individual personal development is part of the human race´s overall collective development. Based on our current balance line, expressed symbolically, the line must have previously been at around the 3rd lower level and in the future, the balance line will lie at a level corresponding to our current 3rd upper layer.

You do not necessarily use the same type of astral energy to travel down to the lower levels as you use to ascend to the upper levels. Imagine that you travel down to the 4th lower level using the 4th ray energy because you have been through some intense emotional inner conflicts. These conflicts create an opportunity for the 11th ray to reach all the way up to the 4th upper level, to create a feeling of inner abundance or unity.

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