5.1, 5.2 & 5.3 – THE ASTRAL ENERGIES – location, content & alchemy

5 – THE ESSENCE OF MY THEORY – the Astral Energy in and around us

5.1 – The Astral Energies – where they are located

As I explained earlier, my theory concerns the energies we have in and around our energy body on the earthly planes.  And my theory focuses primarily on the astral energies. Astral energies are constantly interacting with and blending into both our mental and etheric energies and, not least of all, our physical bodies.

We have astral energy in two places in our body.

  1. Our soul energy (SAE) contains astral energy all the way from the monad to the soul´s point of attachment with the physical body. This astral energy is a personal version of the energies, and is the manifestation of all the accumulated astral and therefore emotional experiences we have had in all of our earthly lives. These are integrated as astral energy in our soul energy.
  2. But we also have astral work energy (AWE) in our astral body in our lower energy body. This astral energy is the material we have chosen to work with in this particular life, which we intend to transform into experiences that will then be integrated into our soul energy.

So, as I have described, astral energy is not only something we have partly within our bodies, it also, to a large extent, forms the building blocks and material that is used to create the universe. Astral energy is accessible all around us and astral energy flows from the mineral kingdom, plant kingdom, animal kingdom and human kingdom, as well as from the spiritual helpers we have around us.  Essentially, only etheric energy and astral energy are found in the mineral and plant kingdoms, while the animal kingdom contains etheric and astral energies plus a small amount of mental energy.

Knowledge, intelligence and information exist in all three etheric, astral and mental energies.  But when it comes to the intelligence animals possess in their astral energy – it surpasses that of humans in volume, quality and what it is able to achieve.

The human species likes to think of itself as being a rank above animals, considering itself to be more highly-developed than animals. So it can be very difficult for people to imagine that, in some ways, animals are actually more highly-developed than people.

In my experience, we humans may be far superior to animals in mental capacity, but they have outrun us by a mile when it comes to astral capacity!

5.2 – The Astral Energy – what it contains and an overview

Astral energies are our emotional energies. They are vital to our survival and essential for social interaction. We use astral energy in many more situations than most of us realise, and I´ll try to describe astral energy in terms of:

  1. The 12 rays, their higher potential, their history, and their properties (BAE or Basic Astral Energy).
  2. How our lives contain a balance point which reflects the level of development we have reached as our lives progress. From this point, we have a range up and down that represents the emotional spectrum we can use in this life.
  3. How astral energy is activated and how the activation of this energy can be explained in terms of the process and storage in our total energy memory.
  4. The functions of consciousness.
  5. How this energy flow is a series of transformation processes which take place on both the individual and collective plane.
  6. Why this energy flow exists – which provides us with a conclusion of sorts for this theory.

5.3 – The Energies’ Alchemy

Experiencing things and living life can be described as an alchemical or metabolic process of energies. Similar to the way in which we regard the basic elements of the periodic table of elements, knowing how they will develop and change from one state to another via an alchemical process. Now try to imagine that same proven and accepted process applied to astral energies instead of the basic elements. The alchemical process of development undergone by the astral energies is the same as experiencing things and living life. 

Experiences we go through in life happen because we feel the impact this process has on us. We are aware that an activity is taking place involving our astral energies because we can feel the active energies as they undergo an alchemical process of development. A process I will explain in more detail when I deal with the transformation process.

We are all familiar with the practical aspects of this alchemical process; when we want to break a bad habit. As an example we KNOW and are quite capable of understanding that smoking and alcohol are bad for our bodies, but that doesn´t make us stop. Use and abuse stem from an emotional need which we attempt to satisfy, and it is only once these emotional energies go through alchemical transformations and are converted into a new form, that we are able to form new habits.

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