4 – ENERGY BODY – part 2

4.3.5 We arrive in our new life with a “collective” conditioning, in the form of the family´s DNA (inherited) and the family culture (the environment) (Denne sætning skal ikke indtales)

When we begin our journey into a new incarnation, we have both a plan and our soul energy, but we also need some energy material.

So we travel down with our soul energy into a physical body, into a bloodline in a family where the DNA  contains a karmic memory.

In addition to this, we link our life plan to an astrological trajectory to provide the planetary infusions of energy we need as this new life begins, and during the course of it later.

Our physical body, that is connected to the physical body´s DNA and contains our soul energy, creates what we refer to as the INHERITANCE. And our upbringing creates our ENVIRONMENT. Together, the inheritance and the environment stimulate activities in the energies that make impressions on and create larger or smaller blockages in the flow of the energies. These impressions and blockages are the working material we use to transform astral energy. Why this is done and how this process works is something I´ll go into in more depth at the end of this film.

When we are born into the physical body, a ´mind’ is created in our brain. The mind, the body, the family inheritance and the environment create what we call the personality and it is made up of energy. The personality therefore does exist in one form, but not in the form of exclusively physical matter. The personality is made up partly of our physical body, and partly of our energy body.

Using soul energy

One of the themes that runs all the way through our lives is that of a higher purpose – the ability to extract more energy from the soul into the body´s cells. During this process,, the personality gradually dissolves and the soul begins to take control of the life that is being lived. As our body´s cells gradually fill up with more and more soul energy, we will find ourselves able to draw on more and more of the experiences we had in our previous lives, which is stored in our higher soul energy and monad.

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