4 – ENERGY BODY – part 3

4.4 – The Phases of Life

As I mentioned earlier, we make a plan for each life in every incarnation, and this plan can be divided into various phases of life. All human beings go through many stages in their lives, which run parallel to one another, so let´s use Saturn´s orbit as an example. Each orbit takes just under 30 years and always symbolizes the culmination of a maturing process in some form. It could be said that our personality is formed during the first orbit of Saturn, we work on the personality during the next orbit and reap the rewards of our experience during the third orbit. Energy-wise, different things will happen during each orbit. During the first, different impressions and blockages will be formed, during the second we will try to dissolve them and during the third, we will try to live life with energies inside us that have or have not been released, enjoying the benefits they provide and accepting the consequences they have created.

4.5 Incarnation, the Plan of life and the Free will

The experiences we have gained during our previous incarnations are what are stored in our soul energy and, therefore, reflect the level of our spiritual development. Symbolically, it is said that to evolve through the part of the soul´s development that can be achieved during earthly incarnations, you need to undergo 777 incarnations.

The first 700 incarnations happen without drawing very much on the higher consciousness or integrating much of the soul´s energy. During the next 70 incarnations, the soul begins to settle into the body and, from here, a dawning contact to the higher consciousness begins. During the last 7 incarnations, the soul energy is so developed that the level of consciousness during an earthly incarnation will be so powerful in everything that is done that the soul will no longer respond to the personality´s intentions, but will primarily follow the soul´s original plan. The tempo of this development is, therefore, very slow during the first 700 lives, faster during the next 70, and very, very fast during the last 7.

The purpose of your life might be highly oriented towards developing your own soul energy, or your life´s purpose may be more about helping to develop planet earth.  The purpose of life can also be to dissolve karma, but that is really the same as what I call developing your soul energy.

Before the incarnation, a life plan is created, and the higher part of the soul will always try to stimulate the personality to carry out this plan. The universal laws that apply to life on earth contain, however, the law of ‘free will’. Something which can accelerate development greatly, but can also bring with it great suffering. This free will also mean that every single personality has the free will to follow its own life plan.

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